House Of Omega Update

Due to a recent motivation to continue with this story I’m excited to say the first chapter of this story will be shared by the end of the week.

To remind you.
The egotistical powerful House of Omega as survived the corporate onslaught and once again secured its position as a power house in the business world. However they were deceived. Over night the entire immediate family to the House of Omega is attacked on their first night of celebration. 3 of the 4 brothers barely survived an attempted assassination on their lives. Heads of the family are murdered along with their sisters.
Drake, along with his brothers seek out their family whereabouts. Along the way they discovered their folly and how systematically their family was attacked without any warning.
Left on their own, their family in ruined, and all their power stripped from them; the remaining omega family is set on a path that will bring them back to their roots. Their origins-they once believe was just legend turn out being very real.