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Sometimes You need more than a tweak.

Alas, it has been a while.

In that long span of time a lot of fortunate and unfortunate things have unfolded. 

Of course the battle of having free time to write is always and forever only half way won.

Personal life, such as health was a set back along side the new area we have to deal with at work (which is entirely too chaotic, but the pay is pretty good.) However, one day I dream to make writing a living, even if it allows me to reduce to a part time job and allow me to not work for the labor industry; to be more specific, skilled labor industry. It’s hard work for starvation wages and I honestly prefer to write for what I currently make. 

Now comes the major point of my post for today. My writing, as you may or may not know, was fairly close to completion. At least the 2nd draft was. (The first draft was hand written, which I find crucial for grasping the true emotion as a creative writer.) 

But I have been plagued by one chapter that seemed to stick out like a sore thumb. I personally have a limit to explanation giving and I felt I crossed it. I was willing to let it pass, since most people cruised past it, only noting slight boredom from that chapter. I was not satisfied. Then comes a day very recently. (Thanks to a movie inspiring me) I’m happy to say that a rework is in progress and I’m way too excited about where is has led. Once I finish it tomorrow I will have only two chapters left until I’m completely done with phase two. 

Yes, it has taken too long to reach this point ever since I started this journey, but for me this will be a personal accomplishment. 

Thanks everyone,

 Stay tuned!

Saving  Endangered Tron, is a must. 

I don’t know about you, but Tron was a very popular story in my book. It was inspiring and allowed many minds to see that even some of the most bizarre things can come to life for millions of people. (I.e. Starwars when it first came out) 

Happening Now, Fans are trotting to the rescue of Tron, as Disney has given it the axe. Movies have been saved in the past by fans, Vin diesels “Riddick,” only made it due to overwelming support on Mr. Diesels Facebook. Dead pool, axe’d twice, but was saved twice by fans and actors. The only reason the starship troopers franchise has made it his far (almost all those movies are painful to watch, except the first) is do to the cult like fan bases. 

So why am I posting to all of you about saving Tron? I’m not doing it as some cult fan member (which I might be) but I’m doing it as a writer that supports a very creative and imaginative story. It was a master piece in its own right, it was a great story about a character who created his own perfect world; through video games of course. Then went into that world! It’s beautiful!  ….sigh not I will have to watch it again! Also did I tell you that Tron revolutionized cgi’ing a complete modeled face of an actor. They were the first to do it. Then Avatar. (Or am k confusing the two?)

This movie motivated my early writings, even though they weren’t alike, they were inspired none the less. 

I would save it, so I suggest you to as well. Even if you don’t like it, think of it as your “good deed” for the day/week/month/year. All it takes is just signing the petition! 

Sign here https://www.change.org/p/walt-disney-revive-tron-3?recruiter=308336821&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=facebook&utm_campaign=autopublish&utm_term=mob-xs-no_src-reason_msg

Poison or Promise? You decide. 

Hello once again everyone, I was happy to see the support for the short excerpt from a fellow writer’s story. You all know it was pretty captivating, it is alright to admit you want to know more. *incert wink face here*

There will be more to come from Robert D. Fulmer in the future!

Now! To discuss the purpose of my title “Poison or Promise? You decide.”

There is no secret that I am talking about the caffeine over dose I’m sure is in my future. (Not really. Unfortunately life within the military and when I was a security guard as made me all to skilled and professional with my caffeine usage.) Don’t judge.

As I posted a week ago, a new tactic I tried helped me crunch out a large section of my story. 

Well I kept up the new tactic since last Thursday, but only on days where it was practical. Thanks to this new method I have completed *play a suspenseful drum beat* a whopping 30,000 words. I have maybe 20,000 left until I start the second portion of my story. Typing and editing…. *enter painfilled sickening face here.*

Anyone who writes or types, is well aware that you get faster the more you do it. To state, I have been typing a lot longer than I have been writing. So based off how much and how fast I write, it will tell you the speed in which I type. (10k words is child’s play.)

In the near future, I’ll share with you all about my motivation as to why I’m pushing this story through at an exponential rate.

But for now and as always people, Stay tuned!

A fault in lengthy writing

 Maybe it is not me, but then again maybe it is. 

Time and time again, I have come to notice that the longer a story is either sitting on your desk untouched or if you are writing incredibly slow, the longer your mind will mold, modify, and change it. 

Constant tinkering may be the death of me, and a constantly active mind that day dreams about the story will only drive me there faster. 

Long ago, in a time where a decision was made and a method was put into motion, my story was just beginning to unfold. Now, in this modern day of times, after undoing a method and scribbling through books, my story is completed. Yet it isn’t finished. This is only because it will be the first i shoot to publish, so all bases must be covered. So bid me time and luck as I endure a few more weeks of hardworking in life and in my stories future! 

As always stay tuned!

Book recommendation! Odyssey One

This is a serious must read book series. The ending is so cinematic that it deserves an award for the greatest closure to a story arch. It’s also not over, it just leaves you satisfied with the end and crossing your fingers for more!

I will not be leaving a description for this book series in this blog post because I want you to venture out to see it for yourself. It is worth it!

Also if you listen to the audiobook version. The narrator changes for the last novel. However the new narrator was incredible! Check it out!


Book recommendation! Ark Royal Series

Following a very sensible approach to our wonderful planet and all her separate nations discovering spaceflight on their own, Christopher Nuttal invites a new approach to interstellar war.

Unlike most, however, this story is led from the side of England; bringing their well develop customs of being a naval power.

What’s it about all together? Well Earth comes under fire from an Alien species who begins an all out war against their human enemy. Unfortunately the super modern space ships that are armed to the teeth stand no chance against the Alien foe. It comes down to one ship called the Ark Royal, the oldest ship in the fleet used as a museum peace, and her Captain, an aging drunkard, who is the only one capable of commanding her.

The fate of mankind lies in a museum peace and a drunk; will he rise to the challenge or will the drink end his and billions of others lives?

My Favorite Part of the Story.

The ending.

It is everything to a story in my opinion. Yes… You’ll hear many argue with you that it isn’t, but fortunately it really is.

Why? Because it is the last thing you leave the reader with. A positive ending will then have the reader positively reflect over the rest of your story.

A lot of people argue that it’s the message of a story that is the more important element. Which is often arguably true. If your message is delivered with a neutral send off then it will be well receive. However if you give it a terrible ending then people will react negatively towards it.

I base this off my many observations, experiences and social group studies. (I once went to see a movie 6 times to see how people reacted to it….)

(I was very bored that summer.)

There are good endings, sad endings, bad endings, epic endings and down right jaw dropping endings; they all rely on your delivery.

So what’s your favorite part of the story? What makes you feel more emotionally reacting towards a story.

Share your thoughts and stay tuned.

Christmas Eve Writing

So here I am, on Christmas Eve, crunching out an entire chapter for my novel. With how things went during the job transfer I fell stagnant. So I must speed up.

As well, this be that cursed time of a day where the shiny lights of the night, draws on every ounce of my attention needy mind.


And also… Merry Christmas eve!

Late Night Write

It is a curious thing, the late night write, it is.

It is the moment where most find their true time for dedication, motivation, and aspirations to ameliorate one’s life. It is the time where if you chose to bask in the moment instead of sleep, grand things will follow.

The midnight write is where 1,000 words can turn into 10,000 words following sore, if not a numb hand. It is where ground breaking thoughts unravel as if you are experiencing the story in a rare untouched form. It is a beautiful thing.

At Midnight, or the magical 25 twilight hour (if you ever read the midnighters book series you’ll get the reference- if not, it is a YA novel and a good one at that.) is where our inner animal rises, claws, cries to be set free and it is sadly also the time where the human psyche is truly let down. This is set on by how much sleep your taught you need versus how much sleep you want.

Live for the motivation, the midnight and not for the procrastination of what your mind has been trained.

Terran Myth Update

Exciting news!

On track to be in the last 5th of the book by the end of next week!

Editing is still on going, for two editors I have destroyed the normal reading process since they are just doing basic grammar and spelling. (Sorry guys!)

I’m crossing the 80k word mark by next Monday for sure! The reason it seems slow is because I had to pause for a couple of days while interviewing for new jobs.

Yes! I got a better paying job with a lot more free time! So I can write until my heart gives out. (Which I hope is 60 years from now)

So enjoy folks! And remember to stay tuned for more fun features!