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The Terran Myth: What You can expect! 

As we began our journey several months ago into the TMU (Terran Myth Universe) through the thriving “Keys To The Universe,” I never really gave you a good picture of what the landscape looks like. To be more accurate the “space-space.”

Let’s give you the scale I’m working on:

Experts estimate that there are between 200-400 billion stars (not planets) just in our single galaxy alone . Some believe that we can easily have closer to a trillion. They also believe there is, at the very least, 100 billion solar systems (a collection of planets orbiting around a star) within our galaxy. Based on the numbers and odds experts believe that 40 billion of those planets are esitmated to be already “earth like,” with 11 billion orbiting stars like our own.  Meaning if we had a way to transverse space then we can easily find new real-estate amongst the stars.

Just so you are aware, I chose to go with 400 billion- go big Or go home, right? As well as sticking with the estimated 40 billions earth like planets.


Imagine with me if you please, a future so vast and old that no planet has gone unclaimed. The human population has climbed to unfathomable amounts as it spread to the hundreds of billions of stars within our galaxy. 

Terra-forming uninhabital planets (to make earth like) has become an ancient form after being in use for millenniums. To us, it would be like the art of growing great crops or other farmlands. It’s been mastered, stream-lined, and by this point, broken down into hundreds of privately operated proprietorships.  

Space travel, by this time, is nothing special or unique. It is nothing more  than if you or I went to our nearest airport and caught a flight to another country. It’s commercialized, it’s privatized and it’s “nothing new,” to the current generations.  

There are millions of different technologically developed societies; many live for peace and many lust for war. However technology, like nuclear weapons are today, is regulated heavily by the superior forces that controlled them in the beginning. The superior Big Ten (the 10 largest super powers in the galaxy- which I’ll cover at a later date) insure there is a clear technological gap between factions in order to protect their own interest and to keep the balance of power even between its small neighbors. (Which superpowers currently do today.)

The hardest part about going out on a scale this massive is culture. So to put it straight; money makes the galaxy go round. The more money one had, the more strength it has and with it either peace of war can unfold. 

If you want to know more about these tech gaps visit my post on the Tier system that divides civilizations in the TMU. Which can be viewed at Keys To The Universe – Tier I

The story will describe things that will further fill in the details of TMU as it relates to events happening within the story. 

Now that pretty much sums up the general idea of the TMU, but if you have any questions, feel free to ask. Or even offer suggestions of things that could be seen in the future. 

(Picture Credit Given Here)

More to come so stay tuned! 

Terran Myth Update (May 2015)

Posting on a holiday usually never leads to anything good. That is why yesterday a post pretty much slid by unnoticed. Which was My fault. 

Terran Myth Book 1 Status: Completed all Writing; Currently Typing and editing. BASICALLY IT IS FINISHED! *fist pump in triumph* 

This was quicker to achieve than I expected. It was easier since I started the very unhealthy use of caffeine on days I designate as writing days. So let me be your test subject to show you it doesn’t kill you in the end. (Sarcasm)  

I’ll be vanishing for 2 weeks this Friday, to conduct annual training and then I’ll return with hopefully the first half of book 2 written out! 

Unfortunately, since I’ll be in the woods sleeping most of my nights, I won’t be able to type out the remainder of book one. So don’t bail out on me! We’ve made it this far. Let’s finish it! 

As a tribute to this milestone, I will release a section of the first chapter on here, once the entire book is finished being typed and edited, as best as it can be. As well a special offer will be announce once the coverart is finished.

On a side note; this will be my first book selfpublished, (shooting to eventually get on with a real publisher- no rush there) but I want your feed back! As much negative and good feed back as you can force my way before you tire out. 

Keep a look out for the new TMU features to come!

Stay tuned my friends! I appreciate all your support. 

Book Of the Week! The Forever War

Yes, I finally broke down and finished the novel. I loved it. Except for the over flux of sexual orientations switching. However I’m a realist so there for I wouldn’t predict a future complete filled with a completely opposite sexual nature. 

Besides the Point! It was a good book, noting from the time it was written the grasps of future tech was definitely lacking. No fault of JH. 

If you were living under a rock like me, I recommend reading it. for those interested in early military science fiction novelist, this novel is one of the first! 

Best Regards!


Terran Myth Update

I apologize everyone, this new job is actually a lot tougher while I’m in the early stages of training. (They are understaffed and training me to be a supervisor with 100 other people. Yay!)

Bad news, I haven’t had time or motivation to touch my nov as of late. I am going to be pushing my latest possible even imaginable! EPD! for my book back to March. Just as a precaution.

This is to account for the 4 weeks of training and its probable chance of causing interference. Yes I have had a bit of a shell shock this week and I usually pass out when I get home!

So again I apologize on behalf of the promises I have made for the novel. It’s at 67k words out of the original 73 I had. I chose to remove some scenes that drug out! (So at least i polished it up.)

I plan to maintain a daily post to at least inform you of my progress and ideas as usual.

In good news I just save 75% on my car insurance by switching to progressive! These guys are awesome! (At the moment.)

It’s all for the best!

Christmas Eve Writing

So here I am, on Christmas Eve, crunching out an entire chapter for my novel. With how things went during the job transfer I fell stagnant. So I must speed up.

As well, this be that cursed time of a day where the shiny lights of the night, draws on every ounce of my attention needy mind.


And also… Merry Christmas eve!

Keys to the Universe: “Tier I”

This is me welcoming you back! I bring you all to another feature from the Terran Myth Universe.

The Developmental Tiers: Part 4 of 4

You Can Find
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Here I will discuss the different levels of development between factions in the Terran Myth Universe. These levels are divided into Tiers; I being the lowest developed while IV is the highest developed. Of course I will only mention those that are introduced in book 1.

Tier I Factions: What to Expect.

-Scarce Power Supplies
-Limited developed Infrastructure
-Numerous Quantities of untapped resources.

Details of what to Expect in Tier I Factions:

-Usually many divisions in society that hinder their growth beyond their home world.

-Basic forms of power generation; nuclear power is the most advanced and limited in Tier I capabilities.

-Energy weapons are banned from from Tier I uses.

– Projectile weapons are only weapons Tier I have access too. (May possess advanced projectile weapons.)

– Subliminal space flight for inner system travels. Limited FTL for galactic travel. Most hitch rides on trade ships.

-Unlikely to have warships, if they do then are subliminal. (Probably heavy armor and weapons- fortresses in space)

-Possible nuclear weapons, but rare.

-Owns only one system and possibly only one major settled planet.

-Genetic Manipulation is prohibited for Tier I as well are clones.

-Heavily regulated factions of near other factions.

Late Night Write

It is a curious thing, the late night write, it is.

It is the moment where most find their true time for dedication, motivation, and aspirations to ameliorate one’s life. It is the time where if you chose to bask in the moment instead of sleep, grand things will follow.

The midnight write is where 1,000 words can turn into 10,000 words following sore, if not a numb hand. It is where ground breaking thoughts unravel as if you are experiencing the story in a rare untouched form. It is a beautiful thing.

At Midnight, or the magical 25 twilight hour (if you ever read the midnighters book series you’ll get the reference- if not, it is a YA novel and a good one at that.) is where our inner animal rises, claws, cries to be set free and it is sadly also the time where the human psyche is truly let down. This is set on by how much sleep your taught you need versus how much sleep you want.

Live for the motivation, the midnight and not for the procrastination of what your mind has been trained.

Terran Myth Update

Exciting news!

On track to be in the last 5th of the book by the end of next week!

Editing is still on going, for two editors I have destroyed the normal reading process since they are just doing basic grammar and spelling. (Sorry guys!)

I’m crossing the 80k word mark by next Monday for sure! The reason it seems slow is because I had to pause for a couple of days while interviewing for new jobs.

Yes! I got a better paying job with a lot more free time! So I can write until my heart gives out. (Which I hope is 60 years from now)

So enjoy folks! And remember to stay tuned for more fun features!

Keys to the Universe: “Tier II”

This is me welcoming you back! I bring you all to another feature from the Terran Myth Universe.

The Developmental Tiers: Part 3 of 4

You Can Find
Part 1 here (Tier IV)
Part 2 here (Tier III)
Part 3 here (Tier II)

Here I will discuss the different levels of development between factions in the Terran Myth Universe. These levels are divided into Tiers; I being the lowest developed while IV is the highest developed. Of course I will only mention those that are introduced in book 1.

Tier II Factions: What to Expect.

-Steady Power Supply Generation.
– Various Areas of well developed infrastructure.
-Various amounts of undeveloped resources.

Details of what to Expect in Tier II factions:

-Limited forms of power generation, fusion energy would be the height of their development.

-Little to none internal implants of significant design. Datapads are only used by the governments, wealthy, and businesses.

-Energy weapons are prohibited from their possession, as well are most advance tier III weaponry.

-Projectile weapons are their primary weapons with various advance projectile weapons. (ie tracker rounds/ smart rounds)

-Contracted FTL from companies of higher tiers, as well has possessing limited space travel capabilities.

-Warships are of derelict classes compared to modern vessels.

-Main source of space travel is for trade. Must travel to areas possessing gates to move about the Galaxy.

-No advance weaponry beyond possibilities of Nuclear weapons.

-Usually own less than a dozen star systems. Rare case for Tier II to own more but it does happen. Usually Tier III powers prevent expansion of Tier II nations.

-Genetic Manipulation is saved for special forces or for the richest. Basic forms are usually the easiest to use. Genetic Engineering, if not forbidden, is highly regulated.

Cannot afford clones nor have abilities to create them. Clone tech is forbidden.

Stay tuned for the final installment of the Developmental Tiers of the TMU.

Keys to the Universe “The Sharaj – Finale”

Welcome to another feature of the Keys to the Universe. A soon to be official guide for my upcoming book series.

Factions of The Terran Myth: Episode I Faction 2.

The Sharaj “The Unknown History – The Finale”

(NOTE:The order that the factions are listed does not in anyway symbolize their Significance)

The Sharaj (Sh-ah -rah) or (Sh-ah-raj)
It is said they will “Claim a new Empire.”

Reqqite devised a plan to separate prized assets against those for collateral. All normal trade ships were over crewed, most of them being replace with elite commandos of the Sharajen’s military. As the ships docked in Anarraj, these commandos will covertly disperse insert themselves into the population.

Their targets were the prized minds and other valued personnel that Reqqite felt would serve better if removed from harms way. As well he wanted to take Anarraj intact for its worth.

These Commando teams captured scientist, industrialist and other important minds. They were then stowed away to safety, prior to the main invasion. The commandos also crippled communications at the initial of time the invasion. Anarraj was easily fooled and their defenses were unable to react before their system was invaded.

The Sharajen’s Space force would have been defeated if it weren’t for their 3 to 1 favor. However even with their overall Victory against the Annarajen starships, the Sharajen’s space force would be crippled for years.

Once the space was clear of threats the siege of Anarraj began. This annoyed Reqqite Sharaj by lasting longer than he wanted. The superior numbers of the Sharajen’s clashed poorly against the, superiorly trained, Anarrajen soldiers. After four weeks, the Siege became a war of attrition. The Siege crippled the planets infrastructure more than desired , but war has always been unpredictable.

Finally Victory was rewarded to the Sharajen’s, who in the end, brought a considerable larger amount of troops. Raqqite would set out to once more rebuild Sharaj’s military forces.

The Empire of Sharaj would thus set in stone its own piece of the Galaxy, with a future unbeknown but to their later  generations.

Thank you for participating in this feature about the Empire of the Sharaj.

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