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Jack Cambell’s latest, isn’t his greatest.

Yes, I’m speaking in regards to the great saga of the lost fleet. Don’t get me wrong, I love the books, well until recently. 

When I first started the series it was fresh, wonderfully enticing, and combined an idea I originally wanted to use. Thankfully he wrote a version of it that was very satisfying. 

Now, you’re probably wondering; why isn’t it his greatest? Jack Cambell’s (John G. Hemry) latest book LF:BF:Laviathan drowns the reader in the same long, and recently boring methodical approach to his battles. I mean give the man his credit, it’s vivid, but after 11 novels nothing has changed in that aspect. Frankly it almost felt overwhelming that I skipped a lot of the battle sequences. Why?  BlackJack always wins, and some character we “sort of” like, was killed… Ok sometimes I was pretty heart broken at some of my favorites dying. I would have cried if I wasn’t struggling with the over technical termed battles. 

This is not me saying the story was awful. No, actually, the story was still exciting and had me wanting to cut to the dramatic scenes, which Jack Cambell still delivers beautifully. (I predicted your ending Sir.)

Now I can’t say I have personally met this man, but I exchanged a few emails with him to discuss parts of his story and where he plans to take it. I’m happy that he hasn’t officially ended the series of either the lost stars or the lost fleet, but I’m not entirely sure when he plans on writing another. His a great writer, captivating Author and  wonderful story teller. The man needs a movie deal! I eagerly look forward to his next MSF novel.

Has anyone else read it yet? If so what did you think? 

And also, stay tuned!

The Lost Fleet Series

This is a feature about the original series of Jack Cambell’s book series know as “The Lost Fleet,” not the two additional book series that take place within the expanded universe.

John G. Hemry inspired me early into the year, being the 3rd saga I ventured into. Literally, it kept me up for hours reading. At home, at work or even on the road, I wasn’t able to put it down/turn it off.

I have always wanted to do an adaptation of what it would be like if King Arthur were to return. Luckily for me, this book series hits the nail on the head of anything I could have envisioned.

Yes, like any author there are aspects you’ll come to appreciate and hate. I will not cover anything negative because my opinions are never the same case as yours. I will never say anything to take away from the hard work good authors put into their works. Even a single great idea, is still a great idea.

But if it sucks, then it sucks. I won’t post about the ones I can’t cope with. I won’t do that to readers either.

The Original Lost Fleet. (Read the following slowly got dramatic effect)

Taking place in the far reaching future where mankind has been ultimately divided in two and has been in a century long conflict.

Morals are gone, Hope is gone, Honor is gone.

There has been 100 years of a war, that no one could tell you why it started; not even the Nation that started it. Except for a few who hide the truth.

On one side you have the Alliance (democratic republic) and on the other there are the Syndics (corporate snakes); both have battled it out for so long that barbarism is their only tactic in warfare.

Image the Ancient Greeks going blow for blow in a straight forward conflict but now add it with super advance weapons, Starships and battle worn spirits.

Imagine you are found in survivor sleep where you have been for over a century. This is the world you wake up in. This is the world that John “Back Jack” Geary brings you into.

He was there at the first battle of the War, nearly 100 years earlier, and he will be there to help you survive to see its’ end.

He brings morals where there was none, he brings hope when all was lost, and he brings honor where there was shame.

He is Black Jack, the legendary hero of The Alliance.

So go enjoy yourselves, in the Universe of the Lost fleet. Find it here at Good Reads