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Sometimes You need more than a tweak.

Alas, it has been a while.

In that long span of time a lot of fortunate and unfortunate things have unfolded. 

Of course the battle of having free time to write is always and forever only half way won.

Personal life, such as health was a set back along side the new area we have to deal with at work (which is entirely too chaotic, but the pay is pretty good.) However, one day I dream to make writing a living, even if it allows me to reduce to a part time job and allow me to not work for the labor industry; to be more specific, skilled labor industry. It’s hard work for starvation wages and I honestly prefer to write for what I currently make. 

Now comes the major point of my post for today. My writing, as you may or may not know, was fairly close to completion. At least the 2nd draft was. (The first draft was hand written, which I find crucial for grasping the true emotion as a creative writer.) 

But I have been plagued by one chapter that seemed to stick out like a sore thumb. I personally have a limit to explanation giving and I felt I crossed it. I was willing to let it pass, since most people cruised past it, only noting slight boredom from that chapter. I was not satisfied. Then comes a day very recently. (Thanks to a movie inspiring me) I’m happy to say that a rework is in progress and I’m way too excited about where is has led. Once I finish it tomorrow I will have only two chapters left until I’m completely done with phase two. 

Yes, it has taken too long to reach this point ever since I started this journey, but for me this will be a personal accomplishment. 

Thanks everyone,

 Stay tuned!

My lovely rant for the evening.

Wonderful news!

Entering into my second full week of work at the new job and I’m granted with the lovely sickness commonly referred to as the stomach flu.

After a pain staking night of pain and other physical horrors I have returned to the land of the living but could only stare at my writing with a blank mind.

My mental state is still focused on surviving the minor ills left over by this terrible sickness.

If you ever want to know what it feels like then I can basically say it’s a complete and utter wipe out of your physical condition. The worst exhausted state you can come too without much work on your part!

So in conclusion the posts that were to originally follow the last, will come tomorrow!

Stay tuned and also Stay Healthy!

First Day

Waking up early isn’t anything new to me but I shall have to train my brain to do this as well as writing!

I finished up the chapter I was on but besides that progress is slow.

Still in partial shell shock of how great the benefits are with the new job!

Unfortunately I will have some semi bad news to be announced tomorrow but it isn’t anything to worry about!

As always stay tuned folks!

On Track for a record!

I must say thank you for all the views and followers who actively traffic on my site these past two months.

As well I thank all the diversity I am being exposed too! I have a lot of fun doing doing this.

But my real record is the job I just left for the vacation days I just racked up. So begins my 7 day vacation, then I go into a new job with a doubled pay rate.

Writing in my future? Yes this entire vacation is project “End Game!”

You will all be actively updated!

Thanks a lot

Stay tuned!

The Segway Post

Hey everyone!

I just want people not go lose hope about me keeping up my post day to day. I have just been busy the past two days getting done with my old job, Christmas shopping and spending time with my lady.

(Gotta keep her happy)

Tomorrow is my last day of the old, long, terribly underpaid job that interferes with my life way to often.

Light is just at the end of the tunnel

Tomorrow stay tuned for Tier I and TDF.