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Terran Myth 2nd Update

I have solidified my position at being halfway done!

After a scene revision, and lots of research to ensure what I was writing made sense. I have officially set my foundation for a solid halfway point.

Also, the first book may cross just slightly over 100k words due to the awesome action sequence I didn’t realize I was being sucked into. And there are still a few more sequences I have yet to write. We shall cross that bridge when we come too it.

Smile folks! It was pretty awesome to be able write these things!

I refrain from releasing any spoiler alerts or plot details because it is part of why I like writing. (To tease the anticipation of the masses.) Tomorrow I shall be one chapter closer to my quickly approaching “micro-goal” to being 4/5ths of the way done. Hopefully I’ll be typing most of the chapters going into Christmas.