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My lovely rant for the evening.

Wonderful news!

Entering into my second full week of work at the new job and I’m granted with the lovely sickness commonly referred to as the stomach flu.

After a pain staking night of pain and other physical horrors I have returned to the land of the living but could only stare at my writing with a blank mind.

My mental state is still focused on surviving the minor ills left over by this terrible sickness.

If you ever want to know what it feels like then I can basically say it’s a complete and utter wipe out of your physical condition. The worst exhausted state you can come too without much work on your part!

So in conclusion the posts that were to originally follow the last, will come tomorrow!

Stay tuned and also Stay Healthy!

First Day

Waking up early isn’t anything new to me but I shall have to train my brain to do this as well as writing!

I finished up the chapter I was on but besides that progress is slow.

Still in partial shell shock of how great the benefits are with the new job!

Unfortunately I will have some semi bad news to be announced tomorrow but it isn’t anything to worry about!

As always stay tuned folks!