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Terran Myth Update

I apologize everyone, this new job is actually a lot tougher while I’m in the early stages of training. (They are understaffed and training me to be a supervisor with 100 other people. Yay!)

Bad news, I haven’t had time or motivation to touch my nov as of late. I am going to be pushing my latest possible even imaginable! EPD! for my book back to March. Just as a precaution.

This is to account for the 4 weeks of training and its probable chance of causing interference. Yes I have had a bit of a shell shock this week and I usually pass out when I get home!

So again I apologize on behalf of the promises I have made for the novel. It’s at 67k words out of the original 73 I had. I chose to remove some scenes that drug out! (So at least i polished it up.)

I plan to maintain a daily post to at least inform you of my progress and ideas as usual.

In good news I just save 75% on my car insurance by switching to progressive! These guys are awesome! (At the moment.)

It’s all for the best!

Autocorrect will be the death of me!

Yes! Another unrelating post for my blog about my struggles with the small, not so serious things in the real world.

I sometimes throw up a post to my blog a lot faster than I plan, and as a result a word or two might come off misspelled. This is caused by one of two problems; one, i might simply be idiotic at that moment or two, the autocorrect feature on my iPhone decides to take charge! (Which is frequently the case!)

Curse you autocorrect and your blissful ignorant intelligence!

So I apologize for the struggle between my grammatically impaired state of being and Apples super fantastic autocorrect.

(I blame Siri… Only because she hates me)

I’m just a helpless traveller along for the journey.

Also I’m on my second chapter for the night!

On Track for a record!

I must say thank you for all the views and followers who actively traffic on my site these past two months.

As well I thank all the diversity I am being exposed too! I have a lot of fun doing doing this.

But my real record is the job I just left for the vacation days I just racked up. So begins my 7 day vacation, then I go into a new job with a doubled pay rate.

Writing in my future? Yes this entire vacation is project “End Game!”

You will all be actively updated!

Thanks a lot

Stay tuned!

Action Will Always Be Action

A lot of people focus specifically on one specific genre that reflects their imagination comfortably. This is not the case for everyone. So people stay true to the overall genre that fits them.

For me, this genre would be action. Action is what defines me and drives me; whether it be a battle of kings, conqueror of worlds, defenders of the peace or a band of rebels for independence.

I have dabbled in many sub-genres of the like but I cannot seem to stay focused enough for it to define me as one face. Therefor I would like to see how the future will transform the genre of Action.

Safely I’m saying that whatever the sub-genre, if it is action, then it will always be action I write.

Stay tuned for updates!

No Fears of becoming focused.

The title of this post is very miss leading and vague. Most of you would think it means that I’m not going to be focused on anything. This is not true.

I focus intently on my stories that I write, at least one at a time. However I will not become known for only one book or become focused primary on the genre of SF. I am solely an action guy; action from ancient, medieval, and all types of warfare leading into a dreamy future.

This currently is my SF saga that I have been desiring to bring to life for sometime. There are many other worlds I have drafted that I will bring to life, but at a much later date.

Action is action, no matter the sub genre.

I just wanted people to know my versatilities do not lie within a focused specific genre on the spectrum of writing.

So stay tuned for many many many great worlds, stories, and alternate realities that the madness in my mind stirs up.

More to come!

Mid-Write Crisis

Of course this happens to everyone, and it usually happens for a good reason or a bad one. Thankfully I am in a mid-write crisis due to something good. My mind is racing out of control for this novel to be done so that I can share it with all of you. It is my desire to compete it by my set time so I can be excited for more material as I hope you all will be.

What’s happening to me? Well it is simple, I want to write 5 different stories at one time. (All writers get like this more times than none). All inspired by different ideas combined together to make one fun experience. Plus there are unfinished stories, sadly some are at a 70k word mark, and aren’t even halfway finished (those will be talked about at a much later date.) While working 2 jobs!

Here is the struggle my friends; it is not ever being able to experience writers block. Which in turn means my brain never turns off.

I hear often “How do you write so much of so many different things and not lose track of any of them?” I simply answer “If I knew that then I would be a saner person.”

Stay tuned for more “Keys to The Universe!”