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Book Recommendation! Atlas 2

The second most impressive modern military science fiction novel to hit the shelves or at least the audio book shelves.

You are following from the perspective of the two main characters from the first novel who have now split. It was a wonderful surprise as was the first.

Rade or as his call sign goes “Rage” is a broken hearted member of the worlds most elite force known as the “Moths.” They make the “special forces seem like Girl Scouts,” as it says in one or two parts.

Rage is a distraught individual due to the lost of his childhood friend; both grew up together as orphans. To add on to his already battered mind, the love of his life, who Rage believes is dead, is actually alive and surviving on her own.

This story is vivid and well thought out. I recommend all who like MSF to jump in and get you in on some Moth Action in an Alas! Well at least imagine it.

A Good Surprise

So as most of you know, or if you have you will now, I work a hefty load of odd hours. Unfortunately they won’t allow me to read a book but they do allow me to listen to audio books. Hence how I have coved over 120 books since January. (I lost count after 120, safe to say I’m somewhere between 140/160)

Well I started a new one yesterday. A MSF novel called “Atlas by Isaac Hooke” and I like it. The narrators voice (I forgot his name- whoops) is dark and heavy so it adds a bit of “dangerous feel” to the story as it flows. The first 2 chapters will be a bit iffy but once you hit chapter 3 it gets interesting.

As for all of you who read heavy into science fiction, specifically MSF, keep an eye out as I’ll start recommending novels by a lot of main stream authors and dozens of indie authors.

“Atlas Written By Isaac Hooke”

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Atlas – Isaac Hooke