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Rogue Intelligence Update!

So I drifted off to check on my ghost writer! The story has come along well. A few touches up here and there will be needed but thus far I enjoyed it.

To me the ending is everything, it is the last thing you leave the readers with. I want to leave you all with either one of two feelings. The first being a modest “wow” factor or the other leaving you upset and craving for more.

Both thoroughly please me! So feel free to express both when needed. EPD the end of January!

Stay tuned tomorrow for what I find to be some of the greatest concepts of writing.

Rogue Intelligence 3rd update

I decided to check in with my “ghost” to see how the story was coming along. Finally I can say a lot of much needed progress has been made!

The characters names maybe released earlier or just some creative back grounds, like the Keys to the Universe.

Which if you are out of the loop, the Keys to the Universe is the “in the know” from what you won’t get to know by reading the novel “Terran Myth: Book 1” EPD January 2015.

The short story for rogue intelligence is a fun newishly developed idea that I mention a month ago. It may eventually have 2 more features after it to combine for a novel or a novella.

January can’t get here any sooner!

Rogue Intelligence 2nd Update

Imagine yourself in-control of a warship on patrol out on the frontier of mankind’s reach into space. You with 9 others are tasked to enforce the laws and keep the peace with command over an Ancient Artificial Intelligence. Your enemies are everywhere where; ranging from pirates, corrupt governments (civil and marshal), gangs, and hostile militia forces.

You ask yourself, how does an AI make a difference with only 10 people, while only 4 of those 10 are combat oriented? Easy. Your AI companion effectively controls the whole ship, limiting the stress of command. As well this AI comes with an accompaniment of neat “toys,” at your disposal.

Your Command Assets:
-4 Company’s of Centurion Basic Combat Robots aka Androids (Droids). (800 Units)
-2 Platoons of Special Operation Advance Androids with Synthetic Skin cover. (86 units)
-Attack Fighters built for dual-purpose operation in deep-space and down in an Atmosphere. (16 units)
-Transports capable of transferring a platoon size element at a time. (4 units)
-Starship’s mounted weapons; ship to ship and orbital bombardments (OB’s are highly discouraged/last or extreme means)
-Ship Fabricators that are used to replace any units that are lost, broken, or malfunctioned.

And to top it all off you can’t call for assistance. You, your team, and the AI are all the help you will ever have. Fleet command see’s it as a waste of resources to have more than one asset teaming up on patrol. Command see one patrol ship being more than enough capable to handle any situation that can occur on the frontier.

How would you handle these situations? Could you save the innocents trapped within the grips of many hostile forces or will you play it safe and only insure things don’t get out of control.

This is a feature from “Rogue Intelligence” A Short Story
Written By Kronos
Created, Edited, and co-written by Tyler Beddard
Publication Date EPD January 2014

(Note: Plagiarism of this material is illegal with out authors consent. )

Picture Source Credit

Rogue Intelligence Update

Today I have successfully finished the outline for the fun little short story called rogue intelligence. A future partner of mine wants to write it. He feels he has something to prove.

How will he do? Honestly I do not know. If he does good, then you will see it released on Amazon. If he does bad, I’ll write it and then you will still see it on Amazon (shooting for January on this one).

Now don’t lose hope. I can pump out a 40k short story in less than two weeks if circumstances call for it. All these rather small shorts you see on my blog were all written in a day. (No rude remarks about them, I know I never revised them *guilty smile*)

Stay tuned!

New short story to come “Rogue Intelligence.”

I won’t lie.

My last post about the artificial intelligence was not completely a new idea. The idea had already been in the making but I just never had anything to source information from or even get a perspective to “motivate my mind.”
I make original work that I craft on my own. I do not take people’s stories. (If I did I would make a lot of them a hell of a lot better than they are now.)
Anyways the short story will be worked on on the side as well as 2 others that have been sitting in my document folder collecting virtual dust.

It will feature a 7 man command team who will be freshly minted out of Command school Space Academy based on Vallara, a averagely developed planet in their neck of the core worlds. They feel unlucky and upset that they are assigned to an old AI and old ship, who hasn’t seen a refit in 2 decades.

They are shipped out to the rim/fringe/frontier cluster of space where the naval forces there are in need of their most adaptable and quick thinking commanders for their AI assets.

Here they will meet the aging Admiral Rence L. Coopet, who hates his dwindling command over a lawless sector of space. Even though he hates his job and all the political scandals that come with being in his line of work, he maintains a profession command structure.

His force isn’t what most would call a fleet because it is scattered across a large area of space. The number of ships under his command is around 57; ranging from a handful of capital ships to large cruisers as patrol vessels. Majority are patrol vessels. These patrol vessels are meant to operate independently to maintain order and keep the peace. Using all means at third disposal. (A usual friendly AI control assault force and special ops force. – Yeah I like the sound of that!)

Our team rendezvous with the older departing crew and are insured that their job will be more exciting than anything back in the core sectors.
Their first mission? To find out the cause of a vast network of Corruption that is leading to mass murders, unsettling crimes against innocents and setting a frontier planet on the verge of anarchy. Can they solve it in time!!!? I don’t know, I’m not writing it but someone I know will be doing a ghost write for me. If it’s good I’ll publish it, which he will be given due credit. If it is writing like the plot I created or better than I’ll send him back to the drawing board or I’ll just write. Sooo what’s next?

Stay tuned! And you’ll see.

Future use of AI in the military idea!

I embarked on a new audiobook, because what little my job requires of me could cause me to go mad from the overdose of boredom that ensues from it.

I just want to toss out an idea for a possible novel, given when I’m done with the audio book series I’ll revisit and retract this incase I preemptively stole her idea.

Inspired by Ancillary justice by Anne Leckie narrated by Celeste Ciulla

Envision here with me for just the moment. A far off future for all of us, [see there is a theme to all my stories] (sarcasm) and how the human race will handle space travel and the growing sophistication of artificial intelligence as well as many other technologies.

My brief vision is that our more advance militaries will no longer bulk up with millions of ground soldiers. Yes humans are a prime force behind a military, but what about battalions of foot soldiers, support, supply functions that could all be operated automatically by a individual AI. No, I’m not saying one AI controls the whole military, but a bunch of AI performing their assigned duties. This could go beyond a military aspect as well. As in one human, or a squad operate in the command positions over a company of AI, another for the battalion level of operation and so on an so forth.

What I dreamt up on my brief ride home, is this. Graduating from “command school,” will be our future team of commanders. Each new team of commanders will be assigned to a new AI or to older an AI. There are different types of AI ranging from supply, logistics, intelligence gathering, military, police, etc. The commanders are assigned based on how they performed in this school. The team that we will be following gets assigned to the oldest AI in the books, who most think should be scrap due to the possible mythical fears of it becoming self aware (thinking for its self without orders). At first all they are told is that They assigned for a military assignment. They are shocked to realize it’s old age. They weren’t exited when they were shipped out to relieve the current and old aged commanders, who tell them they’ll love their job, and assume their position. Meanwhile they honestly believe they’ll hate it.

This is a patrol vessel, (they are large/older vessels that keep a constant presence in their large sectors of space, meant to operate independently and undergo long tours). This position Will teach them how to be an effective team to handle unpredictable situations; pirates, police/military actions, and even space born operations. They’ll grow together while their “old man” AI will be vetting/ training them to be better commanders using his vast array of knowledge/wisdom he has gathered over his hundred/maybe thousand year existence. They of course develop a friendship for this AI who is interactive with them on human emotional levels, becoming a farther like teacher.

The secret is they’ll soon discover is that this AI is already self aware but is wise beyond years and doesn’t like to draw attention to himself. So he complies like normal, or as he calls them “the regulars.”

Remember this is just a ten minute idea. What do you think?