Story Currently Working on?

Terran Myth Book 1- Editing

Terran Myth Book 2- Writing

Stories to keep an eye out for? Hopefully!

1. Federations series of Characters (Complete 2/3 parts).

2. The Rise (Working Title) inspired by my short “The Murder.”

3. The Last Templar (Working Plot). Discontinued.

4. Auxiliary (Completed Part) Discontinued. Check for Upcoming short Stories.

5. DemiGod (Completed Story / typing). On Hold.

6. Ghost (Completed Plot / Writing Story). On Hold.

7. The Murder (Completed Short).

8. Bed Time Story (Completed Short)

9. “Old Fangs” (Solid Idea and Key Elements / Working plot).

10. Making History (Completed).

11. Kingdoms: Land Of Trinia (Completed Plot/ Synopsis – Writing as is).

12. Terran Myth Book 1 (Completed Plot/Synopsis.. Completed Story -Editing).

13. The Fierce (In Limbo but not a dead idea).

14. Rogue Intelligence (Developing).

15. The Auxiliary (Completed Short).

16. From Within (Working title – Completed Synopsis – Writing as is)

17. The Editor’s Library – TBA.

18. TMU Averreck’s Prequels (Worked Outlines – Writing).

This page is updated Yearly.

Last updated: 04/18/19.

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