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Terran Myth Update

*Warning: Contains Excitement*

I began this journey early November with a surprising new technique to me in an “assembly line” style to the writing process. (I‘ll explain that after the first book is out – just know it is working as planned)

My end goal is 100k words for The Terran Myth book one.

48k words was where I was at a few hours ago (I didn’t write Thanksgiving week nor my drill week *shame in voice*) but I began it again today and I’m happy to say I’m on the 55K mark!

Our journey will be long, it will be fun, and I promise you it will be exciting. Expected Release Date is January TBA.

If you want to know some interesting facts of what is in store check out the “Keys to the Universe” Post.

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Stay Tuned!

Happy Turkey Day!

Yes I almost forgot to publish this post! I am lucky to enjoy a nice thanksgiving dinner with the family and be enchanted by my beautiful lady at the end of the day.

Hope everyone else is feeling blessed and having/have had a happy thanksgiving! If not then remember there are many more days to come.

Post to you in a few days!


Outline Complete!

We can all release that breath we have been holding or just let out a little sigh of relief; for now there is one less task for anyone to be concerned about. I finally completed the outline for one of my SiFi adventures! This one I hope will see the paper of a novel. The other SiFi adventure, a mini episodic series, which is underway as well (all this is done in my scarce free time between 2 jobs and school). You’ll get a taste of the action to be expected from both!

Ideas #7

Finally! It’s back!

Erum payed careful attention to how he approached the few yet very different life style changes he would adapt in order to complete his “blending in” with the town folk of this quiet fishing village. It’s not as if this type of remodeling is new to him, so he felt confident he would adjust in the necessary time. Portus, the fishermen who rescued him, was more than generous with his home and comfort. Erum wasn’t entirely surprised by this mans hospitality, however he was incredibly grateful for his help. This fishermen’s aid would spare him and his family from of coming judgement. Erum by now was no longer a stranger to the natives, but managed to keep his mysterious appeal. He would vanish when the sun set and return in the depths of the night while everyone was asleep; or so he thought. Little did he know, a pair of eyes followed him on his late nights out.