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Book Recommendation! Atlas 2

The second most impressive modern military science fiction novel to hit the shelves or at least the audio book shelves.

You are following from the perspective of the two main characters from the first novel who have now split. It was a wonderful surprise as was the first.

Rade or as his call sign goes “Rage” is a broken hearted member of the worlds most elite force known as the “Moths.” They make the “special forces seem like Girl Scouts,” as it says in one or two parts.

Rage is a distraught individual due to the lost of his childhood friend; both grew up together as orphans. To add on to his already battered mind, the love of his life, who Rage believes is dead, is actually alive and surviving on her own.

This story is vivid and well thought out. I recommend all who like MSF to jump in and get you in on some Moth Action in an Alas! Well at least imagine it.

The Segway Post

Hey everyone!

I just want people not go lose hope about me keeping up my post day to day. I have just been busy the past two days getting done with my old job, Christmas shopping and spending time with my lady.

(Gotta keep her happy)

Tomorrow is my last day of the old, long, terribly underpaid job that interferes with my life way to often.

Light is just at the end of the tunnel

Tomorrow stay tuned for Tier I and TDF.

Terran Myth Update

Exciting news!

On track to be in the last 5th of the book by the end of next week!

Editing is still on going, for two editors I have destroyed the normal reading process since they are just doing basic grammar and spelling. (Sorry guys!)

I’m crossing the 80k word mark by next Monday for sure! The reason it seems slow is because I had to pause for a couple of days while interviewing for new jobs.

Yes! I got a better paying job with a lot more free time! So I can write until my heart gives out. (Which I hope is 60 years from now)

So enjoy folks! And remember to stay tuned for more fun features!

History Lovers Of all Kinds

History lovers love history and more often than none they love the back stories to most stories.

Being a major history lover myself, I see the history of a created worlds just as amusing and entertaining as the history recorded from ancient times.

Fictional wars, fictional politics, fictional people, and fictional problems seem to satisfy the tired void from rereading mankinds past over and over again.

If you think I’m wrong? Look at the crazy everyone has had over the StarWars going from the old republic all the way up too, the soon to be released, Force Awakens.

My stories have a significant past that speaks through the story like rainwater leaking through a roof. The hardest part is to not to overburden the present with the past in order to maintain the vision you wished to create. (Excluding stories that are strictly influenced by past events).

History feeds an appetite that many had no idea they had.

The Lost Fleet Series

This is a feature about the original series of Jack Cambell’s book series know as “The Lost Fleet,” not the two additional book series that take place within the expanded universe.

John G. Hemry inspired me early into the year, being the 3rd saga I ventured into. Literally, it kept me up for hours reading. At home, at work or even on the road, I wasn’t able to put it down/turn it off.

I have always wanted to do an adaptation of what it would be like if King Arthur were to return. Luckily for me, this book series hits the nail on the head of anything I could have envisioned.

Yes, like any author there are aspects you’ll come to appreciate and hate. I will not cover anything negative because my opinions are never the same case as yours. I will never say anything to take away from the hard work good authors put into their works. Even a single great idea, is still a great idea.

But if it sucks, then it sucks. I won’t post about the ones I can’t cope with. I won’t do that to readers either.

The Original Lost Fleet. (Read the following slowly got dramatic effect)

Taking place in the far reaching future where mankind has been ultimately divided in two and has been in a century long conflict.

Morals are gone, Hope is gone, Honor is gone.

There has been 100 years of a war, that no one could tell you why it started; not even the Nation that started it. Except for a few who hide the truth.

On one side you have the Alliance (democratic republic) and on the other there are the Syndics (corporate snakes); both have battled it out for so long that barbarism is their only tactic in warfare.

Image the Ancient Greeks going blow for blow in a straight forward conflict but now add it with super advance weapons, Starships and battle worn spirits.

Imagine you are found in survivor sleep where you have been for over a century. This is the world you wake up in. This is the world that John “Back Jack” Geary brings you into.

He was there at the first battle of the War, nearly 100 years earlier, and he will be there to help you survive to see its’ end.

He brings morals where there was none, he brings hope when all was lost, and he brings honor where there was shame.

He is Black Jack, the legendary hero of The Alliance.

So go enjoy yourselves, in the Universe of the Lost fleet. Find it here at Good Reads

No Fears of becoming focused.

The title of this post is very miss leading and vague. Most of you would think it means that I’m not going to be focused on anything. This is not true.

I focus intently on my stories that I write, at least one at a time. However I will not become known for only one book or become focused primary on the genre of SF. I am solely an action guy; action from ancient, medieval, and all types of warfare leading into a dreamy future.

This currently is my SF saga that I have been desiring to bring to life for sometime. There are many other worlds I have drafted that I will bring to life, but at a much later date.

Action is action, no matter the sub genre.

I just wanted people to know my versatilities do not lie within a focused specific genre on the spectrum of writing.

So stay tuned for many many many great worlds, stories, and alternate realities that the madness in my mind stirs up.

More to come!

Why Star Wars Haters should shut it.

Begin Rant

Many fan boys gripe and moan. Simply it is very aggravating. I love reading the reviews of episode 1-3 compared to 4-6. I love all six of these films, why? BECAUSE THEY TELL A GREAT STORY!


Given I’m part of the generation who was more exposed to episode 1-3. I STILL LOVE 4-6. And yes I have read the entire synopsis of Star Wars from the dawn of the Force powers to the very end. Why? because I’m hungry for these things. Why? Because I wanted to know what drove Lucas to create it.

Why you should put a cork in it? For the same reasons you don’t b*^%h about movies made from books. If you haven’t learn by now then you’re an idiot. One is a book. One is a movie. They are never the same. Why did I mention those as an example? Because that is how fan boys react to the CREATORS creation if it isn’t what they wanted.

Also No Yoda was not cooler as a puppet. However I loved his humor.

Why was Jar Jar important? I’m a writer. I saw the necessity of Jar Jar. If you don’t? It’s because you DONT GET IT. The same way you can’t understand the purpose of the villain.


Even with the remastered versions, the graphics are still painful in comparison to the first 3 BUT they are beautiful for the time era that they were created in.

EPISODE 1-3 were created first but filmed second. Why? Because Lucas didn’t agree with the technology limitations. Hence why they were made afterwards.

Why you shouldn’t b*^%h about the next 6 episodes? BECAUSE YOU. ARE. NOT. THE MASTERS. OF HIS UNIVERSE!
(Even Disney won’t stop Lucas- due to his success)
Think of it this way. Lucas is blessing you by allowing you to see how the story TRULY HAPPENS.

Why do I say it like that? BECAUSE it is GOERGE LUCAS’s story. His world. His creation. He is virtually the God of The starWars universe.

My favorite quote, “within a story a writer is God.” So why…..why!….. Do you insist to tell this man how to write his story?

So it doesn’t go against what you wanted? Cry about it. It IS NOT YOUR STORY TO TELL.

I’m sorry expanded universe. You are literally just published fan stories. Which is why hell will be razed because he isn’t using the story lines in the EU for his episode. If Lucas says he wants it a different way, well guess what…. It is his way.

It’s what brings millions if not billions of people together. We all love this world that ONE MAN created. So you need to understand as a writer myself. Just cram it.

Even though he sold his rights, episode 6-12 are created by him in a over all. (Written in Detail by jj) So shut it. You know you’ll still fork out your cash to watch it. I know I will and I will love it FOR THE STORY IT WILL TELL. You are on a losing side.

End rant.

That movie!

Escape Plan with out a doubt captivated me fully. I was mesmerized by excitement it made me feel, which hasn’t happened since I was a child. On a few occasions I caught myself rushing Sylvester Stallone in his attempts of breaking out of this high tech prison code named “The Tomb.” The first 20 minutes was the usual shady area where I was still debating if this movie was worth the money I was spending. If it wasn’t for the super sized bag of twizzlers that I made my gorgeous female friend sneak in the theatre for me I probably wouldn’t have been able to enjoy myself through the choppy beginning. Sometimes beginning a story in a sequence of action isn’t as ‘awe’ inspiring as one would think. But my point is it AWESOME! So go see it.

Also it gave me an idea (not related to Escape Plan) to incorporate in my stories.

House Of The Omega

Time has always been the author to our own demise; painting its words through the years, yet without revealing the forthcomings to the on looking observers. Unlike the history books that you would usually look into for accurate recalling of certain events, I Damius Drake Omega will tell you the whole truth about my bloodline, the dark truth. You can make your judgment from there.

                In the beginning there were six principal houses; all originating from Greece. Far after the fall of the Roman Empire and the near ending dark ages these houses migrated their influence and blood lines throughout Europe; creating more subdivision houses. Each house consisted of one blood line; so many people address our early disagreements as blood feuds, but this is just incorrectly addressed. The reason we refer to ourselves as houses instead of families is because in beginning each house was created by multiple blood lines that merged into one unity. We all started off peacefully as do many groups, but as generations passed and over time our blood lines thickened into one single line; the competitive nature of the houses grew. It grew from debates into violence and after years of constant fighting, it was turned into competitive games.

                After many years the houses expanded into fifteen separate houses; six of these were addressed as Principals, the next six were minor houses and the last three were known as the bottom houses. Do not mistake them being known as minor or bottom houses as them being weak; it was only that they were later created. Alpha, Beta, Delta, Xi, Sigma, and Omega were the six original houses. Epsilon, Eta, Theta, Lambda, Zi and Omicron were the second series of houses established in broader regions of Europe. Pi, Phi, and chi were considered bottom houses. After Chi snuck its way into the lime light the Principal houses created a pack between themselves to dismantle any further creation of houses, feeling there power would be tested.

                Reading this back over it makes it feel as the houses were a ruling threat in the world. Unfortunately this is not true. We kept to ourselves for the most part except for one house who decided to make something of its influence; my house, The Omega Family.

                Come the time of the twenty first century the Omega family monopolized its resources into Omega Corp. We were a running threat to many of the corporations in fields such as power supply, research and development, weapons tech and transportation. We held dominance in most of the European Nations and we were making ground in the United States, but my family underestimated the evil that American money brought. A series of violent attacks stuck hard at the progressive approach to the American States, and once Blood of the Omega family was spilt; hell broke loose. For over a year, the Omega family waged a war with the US Corporations. It was fault in the ways of gang wars; assaulting factories and assassinating board members. The law couldn’t stop it from happening, even though attempting to do it many times; the never suspected that rich corporations were behind the violence breaking out around their cities. It was masked by the already high random level of crime that was committed on a daily basis.

                Meanwhile it seemed the other houses faded into what our family called Legend; only appearing to have a few members left of each house left. The Omega family was the only house to progress with the times and move into the new world. My family was very keen on exploring its origins but it seemed through time we got too caught up with money and lost ourselves in the American Corporation wars. We moved most of our assets to the United States in order over come our competition. It weakened our hold in the homelands; made us ripe for the picking for a political takeover or any other form of a takeover.

                By the time I and my siblings were nearing our mid-teens the war ended; we had won. And of course after every victory won, we had to celebrate. All we did was paint a larger target on our House. What we didn’t see coming, was what unfolded next.

Ideas #6

He took to the villagers life style well, fishing wasn’t exactly something he “did for fun” as the locals did, but he would indulge their interest for as long as he needed. He only ever found himself fishing for the means of survival. Yet he presented himself socially and lively towards the young ones who seemed to take the outmost curiosity in their strange rescue. He would occasionally treat them to an exciting tale of his voyages at sea. Erum’s stay in the village had only been a few days and unknowingly to everyone living there; a force was moving in their direction that will reveal a darker nature to lands home to the fisher village..

This temporary concludes small post for my lovely short. The next few post shall be the actual beginning (maybe a little after the initial beginning) but it will show in better detail what strange forces are moving against. And you all shall bare witness to a view changing secret about our stranger Erum.