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Ideas #3

The ship wrecked survivor awakes with a sudden contraction of his muscles, snapping him upright into a sitting position. His mind races as he looks around the room, quickly taking in his surroundings. He had been resting in what he gathered was a Hut and it was composed of wooden walls with a hay filled ceiling. He felt comfortable in the room full of warmth originating from a radiant fire pit. He was safe he thought, at least for now.

This characters personality is still in development but I’m pretty solid on where he will stand on some tough decisions he will have to make in the story to come. But my main master piece is keeping the story interesting without revealing some mind blowing information. Inspiration is always a motivating factory in compiling a story so I hope I keep this moving along smoothly as it has been.

Ideas #2

The ship wrecked barbarian lays peaceably on his back; feeling the warmth radiating from a fire that his senses are warning him is close by. His body tells him to wake; he is no longer in a familiar setting and his mind is preparing for what it might see when he does. Meanwhile these simple fishers had bandaged his wounds and draped him in dry clothing. News of travelers usually travels fast in the place he has washed up in but bent on curiosity and caution behind their shipwrecked survivor, the villagers have kept it their own little secret. Is there more to this man; is he a man of peace that wished to trade goods for an honest living or is he a murderous raider bent of acts of barbarianism? They hope to find out.

My vision is continuing on to this: a man without visual purpose doesn’t mean he hasn’t a hidden agenda. That he does but how will he go about it I’m not sure. This is just me brain storming a plot while playing the story like a movie scene by scene as it unfolds in my head (giving out a taste). Wouldn’t you like to know how it develops more? I would, so let my mind wonder as it must.


So idea has been brewing up in my mind lately or kicking it old school in the good old medieval days or a time frame such as that.

My vision is a man being washed up on a beach near a fisher village and some of the locales find him and bring him ashore. He is ragged, half alive and reeks of salty sea water. He has a rugged look like a barbarian raider, maybe he is ship wreck, and speaks a foreign language when he wakes up, but he quickly picks up on local dialect. He presents himself mysteriously as a fast learner and kind of a innocent traveler that was on a trade ship, or a raider ship (haven’t decided). But the mystery behind this character will build as near its climactical moment where a new agenda is reveals. I’m trying to decide whether to show more of this mana human side or make him as mysterious as possible to where it blows the readers mind.