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Terran Myth Update

I apologize everyone, this new job is actually a lot tougher while I’m in the early stages of training. (They are understaffed and training me to be a supervisor with 100 other people. Yay!)

Bad news, I haven’t had time or motivation to touch my nov as of late. I am going to be pushing my latest possible even imaginable! EPD! for my book back to March. Just as a precaution.

This is to account for the 4 weeks of training and its probable chance of causing interference. Yes I have had a bit of a shell shock this week and I usually pass out when I get home!

So again I apologize on behalf of the promises I have made for the novel. It’s at 67k words out of the original 73 I had. I chose to remove some scenes that drug out! (So at least i polished it up.)

I plan to maintain a daily post to at least inform you of my progress and ideas as usual.

In good news I just save 75% on my car insurance by switching to progressive! These guys are awesome! (At the moment.)

It’s all for the best!

Christmas Eve Writing

So here I am, on Christmas Eve, crunching out an entire chapter for my novel. With how things went during the job transfer I fell stagnant. So I must speed up.

As well, this be that cursed time of a day where the shiny lights of the night, draws on every ounce of my attention needy mind.


And also… Merry Christmas eve!

Keys to the Universe: “Tier I”

This is me welcoming you back! I bring you all to another feature from the Terran Myth Universe.

The Developmental Tiers: Part 4 of 4

You Can Find
Part 1 here (Tier IV)
Part 2 here (Tier III)
Part 3 here (Tier II)

Here I will discuss the different levels of development between factions in the Terran Myth Universe. These levels are divided into Tiers; I being the lowest developed while IV is the highest developed. Of course I will only mention those that are introduced in book 1.

Tier I Factions: What to Expect.

-Scarce Power Supplies
-Limited developed Infrastructure
-Numerous Quantities of untapped resources.

Details of what to Expect in Tier I Factions:

-Usually many divisions in society that hinder their growth beyond their home world.

-Basic forms of power generation; nuclear power is the most advanced and limited in Tier I capabilities.

-Energy weapons are banned from from Tier I uses.

– Projectile weapons are only weapons Tier I have access too. (May possess advanced projectile weapons.)

– Subliminal space flight for inner system travels. Limited FTL for galactic travel. Most hitch rides on trade ships.

-Unlikely to have warships, if they do then are subliminal. (Probably heavy armor and weapons- fortresses in space)

-Possible nuclear weapons, but rare.

-Owns only one system and possibly only one major settled planet.

-Genetic Manipulation is prohibited for Tier I as well are clones.

-Heavily regulated factions of near other factions.

The Segway Post

Hey everyone!

I just want people not go lose hope about me keeping up my post day to day. I have just been busy the past two days getting done with my old job, Christmas shopping and spending time with my lady.

(Gotta keep her happy)

Tomorrow is my last day of the old, long, terribly underpaid job that interferes with my life way to often.

Light is just at the end of the tunnel

Tomorrow stay tuned for Tier I and TDF.

Late Night Write

It is a curious thing, the late night write, it is.

It is the moment where most find their true time for dedication, motivation, and aspirations to ameliorate one’s life. It is the time where if you chose to bask in the moment instead of sleep, grand things will follow.

The midnight write is where 1,000 words can turn into 10,000 words following sore, if not a numb hand. It is where ground breaking thoughts unravel as if you are experiencing the story in a rare untouched form. It is a beautiful thing.

At Midnight, or the magical 25 twilight hour (if you ever read the midnighters book series you’ll get the reference- if not, it is a YA novel and a good one at that.) is where our inner animal rises, claws, cries to be set free and it is sadly also the time where the human psyche is truly let down. This is set on by how much sleep your taught you need versus how much sleep you want.

Live for the motivation, the midnight and not for the procrastination of what your mind has been trained.

Rogue Intelligence 3rd update

I decided to check in with my “ghost” to see how the story was coming along. Finally I can say a lot of much needed progress has been made!

The characters names maybe released earlier or just some creative back grounds, like the Keys to the Universe.

Which if you are out of the loop, the Keys to the Universe is the “in the know” from what you won’t get to know by reading the novel “Terran Myth: Book 1” EPD January 2015.

The short story for rogue intelligence is a fun newishly developed idea that I mention a month ago. It may eventually have 2 more features after it to combine for a novel or a novella.

January can’t get here any sooner!

Things to Come!

Soon to come will be a partial reorganizing of the order post come in. Due to the Keys to the Universe feature of the Sharaj (which I recommend you read because it won’t be in the novel) I have come to conclude that a whole separate page will be well suited for the many more features that will be posted up to the release date of the book.

For those who are tuning in late, the Keys to the Universe posts’ are general information, guides and back stories for things that won’t be spoken with detail in the book.

Such as the overwhelming differences in the tiers developments, the story of the Sharaj, the origins of others.

They are all for fun and for partial advertising.

So stay tuned!

Vattas War Book Series

This book, in my opinion, leads the charge on how to regulate space travel and the costs (even though it’s slightly understated) of traveling on ones own dime.

This book series also does an excellent job on normalizing space travel into a lesser impressionistic form we normally expect as the “awe” of how people view space flight. (This Something I wish to capture in my own novel.)

Follow from the perspective of the stories Protagonist, Kylara Vatta, who will bring you along on her journey full of cost, trials, traitors, war and death.

Kylara Vatta, former cadet of Slaughter Keys Space Force, was casted out from lending help to a lower classmate that embarrassed the Space Force. She returns home, sad, dramatic and over emotional, to her family.

The Vattas are a generously weathly family, owning massive farms, shipping and trading companies. She is tasked out by her father to be Captain of a ship as it is sent to the scrap yard.

On the way she runs into trouble, war, chances to make profits of her own and start her own independent trading company. Then something tragic happens to the once prestigious Vatta family; now where their name goes so does death and distraction.

She goes from simple trader, to mercenary, to the Admiral of the Space Defense Force – 3rd Fleet. Where she battles to protect all of free independent states from oppressors operating in the shadows. Oppressors that killed all her immediate family.

Check it out! Vatta’s War

Besides over zealous “suspicion” all the characters have, it’s a really good book series.

Terran Myth Update

Exciting news!

On track to be in the last 5th of the book by the end of next week!

Editing is still on going, for two editors I have destroyed the normal reading process since they are just doing basic grammar and spelling. (Sorry guys!)

I’m crossing the 80k word mark by next Monday for sure! The reason it seems slow is because I had to pause for a couple of days while interviewing for new jobs.

Yes! I got a better paying job with a lot more free time! So I can write until my heart gives out. (Which I hope is 60 years from now)

So enjoy folks! And remember to stay tuned for more fun features!

Keys to the Universe: “Tier II”

This is me welcoming you back! I bring you all to another feature from the Terran Myth Universe.

The Developmental Tiers: Part 3 of 4

You Can Find
Part 1 here (Tier IV)
Part 2 here (Tier III)
Part 3 here (Tier II)

Here I will discuss the different levels of development between factions in the Terran Myth Universe. These levels are divided into Tiers; I being the lowest developed while IV is the highest developed. Of course I will only mention those that are introduced in book 1.

Tier II Factions: What to Expect.

-Steady Power Supply Generation.
– Various Areas of well developed infrastructure.
-Various amounts of undeveloped resources.

Details of what to Expect in Tier II factions:

-Limited forms of power generation, fusion energy would be the height of their development.

-Little to none internal implants of significant design. Datapads are only used by the governments, wealthy, and businesses.

-Energy weapons are prohibited from their possession, as well are most advance tier III weaponry.

-Projectile weapons are their primary weapons with various advance projectile weapons. (ie tracker rounds/ smart rounds)

-Contracted FTL from companies of higher tiers, as well has possessing limited space travel capabilities.

-Warships are of derelict classes compared to modern vessels.

-Main source of space travel is for trade. Must travel to areas possessing gates to move about the Galaxy.

-No advance weaponry beyond possibilities of Nuclear weapons.

-Usually own less than a dozen star systems. Rare case for Tier II to own more but it does happen. Usually Tier III powers prevent expansion of Tier II nations.

-Genetic Manipulation is saved for special forces or for the richest. Basic forms are usually the easiest to use. Genetic Engineering, if not forbidden, is highly regulated.

Cannot afford clones nor have abilities to create them. Clone tech is forbidden.

Stay tuned for the final installment of the Developmental Tiers of the TMU.