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What’s to Come!

Cheveyo is part of a highly developed covert organization that operates through the ruse of false Identities. These operators are imbedded within units across the controlled sectors of MilkyWay Forces (MWF), the governing faction that was created after the Soul System Conflict.
The Old Force, as they call themselves, operates disguised in the shadows to preserve and protect the MWF from enemies; exteriorly and interiorly. They are form from the ashes of the Sol system conflict; existing now and forever to prevent any further destabilizing attempts which was experience in the Sol system. With no government to answer too and only one goal, everyone is safe but at the same time, no one is.

A side Note for the day: Curse of Autocorrect

The curse of auto correct is real and the errors is causes are endless. Do not fall frail to this disease that infest our iPhones and….. those other phones because where there is one mistake, there is about 9678 more mistakes to replace that one. Be vigilant my friends the pain eventually ends. The embarrassment of telling someone something other than being hungry will fade with the shame you brought on yourself in sending or posting that message. Everything will get betters better in time.

The New movement!

Yes this blog collects more cobwebs than abandoned buildings in Detroit, but this is about to change. I hope. It seems every time I get on a steady posting stream something alters in my life and I must adjust to it. This does not mean I have given up on my creative nature of writing. In fact I actually have accomplished a few more pieces of works to share soon enough but I want to release some pieces or episodes like I did prior to Bring back my activity!

Stay tuned folks!


It’s has begun! Join me!

So over a series of the past few months I have done the impossible for someone who works as many ours as I have. I have crunched out 5 different syfy series for military fiction. That’s a total is 27 books almost and I’m not even done.

Lately I have been on a mission to read up and attempt to capture the Essenes of military fiction, since as you see, I do enjoy a bit of military and/action in my cereal in the mornings!

So as I have gone along I have consulted a few authors of the series through email and talked to a book publisher for advice in this category. The end result; I have two options for success, create an exciting short episodic adventure with an over all theme (this is how long series develop) or create a aspect of the galaxy or universe to where your taking the reader on this new adventure with you.

My end result; I have created both. A mini series of which I would always call epic in proportions. Then a new adventure that not even I know where we would turn up! So as alway I’ll attempt to keep this updated!

That movie!

Escape Plan with out a doubt captivated me fully. I was mesmerized by excitement it made me feel, which hasn’t happened since I was a child. On a few occasions I caught myself rushing Sylvester Stallone in his attempts of breaking out of this high tech prison code named “The Tomb.” The first 20 minutes was the usual shady area where I was still debating if this movie was worth the money I was spending. If it wasn’t for the super sized bag of twizzlers that I made my gorgeous female friend sneak in the theatre for me I probably wouldn’t have been able to enjoy myself through the choppy beginning. Sometimes beginning a story in a sequence of action isn’t as ‘awe’ inspiring as one would think. But my point is it AWESOME! So go see it.

Also it gave me an idea (not related to Escape Plan) to incorporate in my stories.

Delay – Apologies

Sorry folks for no activity as of late due to a full time job and purchasing a new car I have had my hands full. Trust me the story has progressed up to the first real break through into the mystery that is our ship wrecked survivor, Erum. Any questions; just feel free to ask, my phone is always on me.