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The Auxiliary Reboot (TBA)

Initially the Auxiliary story was inspired by a video game and was based in medieval style era. When I was playing it at that time I had an idea for a few shorts (which are on my blog for free reading here – Aux Part I.)

Due to the prolonged nature of that story I am going to reboot it with some science fiction flare! (Because I lost the original outlines- whoops!)

The Auxiliary will be a few fun shorts about an high society individual who becomes conscripted off his home planet (because the imperials think that residents on annexed planets, are all equal status with everyone else on that planet, conquered beggars) and placed into an Imperial Expeditionary Force. He will go through the hardships of being “the scum” of the imperial army; frequently placed in hopeless situations and discovering what it’s like to go from a model citizen to a combat veteran returning home to a planet of people who will never understand him.

StarWars Episode 7! NerdFact

NerdFact: No the cross bar will not protect the wielder from a another light saber sliding down into their hand (unless they were to tilt it in time) because the opposing light saber will slice through that extended hilt, protruding at the interception, where it is unprotected.

(If used expertly then it’s added protection and a extension to the weapon. So knowing anyone using a light saber it will be put to good use. Can’t wait!)

If you haven’t seen this awesome trailer then check it out here! (I love vague movie trailers because a lot of trailers ruin movies for me)

StarWars Episode 7: The Force Awakens

Photo source Credit (Legion Of Potatoes, at Tumblr)

Upcoming Ideas series!

Yes ladies and gents my extreme miniseries that spread out through my “ideas” will be overloading my blog so stayed tuned a keep up! Here’s a quick refresher! Erum is our washed ashore savage who was rescued by a fishermen and his boy. They brought him back to his village to resuscitate. But the narrator hints to the mystery behind this man, and makes him appear.. More than he seems. Is the narrator like the old lady next door gossiping her little secrets or is he teasing your emotions out of pure malicious joy?? Who knows, only but he, the writer and master mind behind the plot.

New Teaser, Check it out!

Unfortunately this story won’t begin with some heroics, saving a princess, or a rebellion against a monarch; those plots have been used and reused to create exciting adventures for everyone. It all began a little less creative than that with four teenagers embarking on their long journey through the drama drenched society called High School. Using their imaginations these four friends created a game. This game was drawn out on a mere sheet of paper where they reimagined themselves as Kings. Using their imaginations they created an exciting land that they would play against or with each other in one common goal; to survive or become the soul ruler over all of Trinia.