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The Page Turner

Reading pages upon pages, listening to book after book and watching anything remotely creative doesn’t always fill the gaps on protocols and edicit.

So I took upon myself to hand over two major enteries to my book to a fellow military man; A retire (XO) Naval Officer aka my current Director for my civilian job. 

The two enteries are from perspectives of a dozen or so Naval officers and how they would operate/communicate to one another in a formal setting and in a combat one. 

I’m fluent in regular army SOP’s (standard operating procedures) but I was worried about my naval SOP’s. 

Good news! Turned out I was pretty spot on and best of yet, he gave me two thumps up (more like appraisal in person and desires to read more) but I took it for what it was worth!  

Stay Tuned folks!

Never before Seen Publicly – Come See

Feast Your Eyes on the trinkets I bring before you tonight!

Strangers, Followers and bloggers alike!

Happening here, happening now! Is the first peak at a story you wouldn’t read this early if I never was granted permission to share it.

THIS IS NOT A SCIENCE FICTION STORY – but i highly recommend reading it and providing any feed back.

Before you do read it, i do remind folks that this is original work, and basic rights are protected even by me sharing.

Ironically this is the first short story I have posted in sometime; says something about a possible alteration in my title. 


“Anon of Brastalon/TiitledUnderReview”


He struggled to regain his footing. Once he got to his feet he continued to run. He heard yells and shrieks of agony from behind him but he fought the urge to look back; he knew he couldn’t bear the sight he would see and he couldn’t risk getting tripped up again if he hoped to survive. About thirty paces to his right was the edge of the plateau; the massive plateau on which the Capital city stood. The city itself was barely visible. It was the only light in the sea of darkness that surrounded him. He continued to run. He glanced to his left into the trees and saw nothing but darkness. He felt so alone. The darkness consumed everything; he could barely see his feet as they hit the ground. The Capital city seemed to be moving away from him as he ran. He ran until his legs could carry him no more; yet, felt no closer to the city than when he began. Eventually the screams behind him subsided and he felt a fleeting sense of relief; not for his current situation but because the pain that reached for him at every scream had finally ceased. He doubled over breathing heavily. He was still in shock from what had just happened, A caravan of not even two dozen men? And Acridian merchants at that!? He thought as he tried to regain his breath; How could this happen? And so close to the Capital City? It was like something out of a nightmare: they came straight from the shadows. As he thought, he noticed the silence around him. It made him shudder. He continued to recount the experience; They struck before we even saw them. I swear if I—. He didn’t have time to finish his thought before he felt a sharp pain directly below his left shoulder blade. The source of this pain carried enough force to put him on his knees. He struggled to breathe as his torso remained awkwardly upright, supported by his knees. Gravity pulled at his body and provoked it to turn with the bulk of his weight. As he rolled onto the ground, there was a loud ‘snap’ of the arrow in his back breaking under his weight and lodging itself further into his body; which sent a sharp pain through his chest. As his life faded away, the last thing he saw was the sigil of a red scorpion on the chest of a dark hooded figure. The figure reached for something and the Acridian closed his eyes and exhaled slowly. The last thing he felt was the touch of cold metal caressing his throat… and all was silent.”

Story by Robert D. Fulmer

Excerpt From: Anon. iBooks.

This material is protected by copyright.

picture credit can be found here Deviant Artist Aries

Ideas #4 revisited!

Hey Folks!

In a surprise (just so you know this is a random fact) walmart accidentally sold me four tables for the price of one. It was pretty interesting to discover that when I arrived home.

Back to the topic at hand! 

As those of you who are following this flash back with me, or those many who motivated the beginning of this; here is another section to the mystery of Erum and the village!

Part 4 of the Ideas

As always! Stay tuned!

Keys to the Universe “Tireh Defense Force”

As usual! Welcome my friends to another feature from the Terran Myth Universe, or the TMU.

Following this is an continuation from the original posts’. Tireh – Part 1, Tireh – Part 2

On this post I will cover the almost lost elements that I forgot to publish weeks ago.

The Tireh Defense Force Options:
Or in a general summary their Mercenary Department.

Years after the creation of their accelerated cloning program, The Tireh quickly found themselves with a vast surplus of clone soldiers. In response to wasting resources on servicemen not serving the Tireh began including a defense package option for the faction or factions that purchased their gates. This was the furthest they were willing to go into the mercenary type of businesses in regards to regional conflicts between lawfully accepted factions.

Lawfully accepted means that they are accepted to be a legitimate government. Not pirates or large criminal forces.

The Defense Force package was a great success, most Tireh “mercenaries” focused on local defense of the systems that homed any of the Tireh Jump Gates.

The Defense force was expanded to include its ability to act as a Disaster aid force and as a peace keeper against pirates (when requested) for defensiveless solar systems.

The Tireh would go on to create its own task forces within the Defense force to contract for these options. Becoming one of the largest military powers in the galaxy to own the smallest amount of territory.

Stay tuned for a continuation of the TDF!

Vattas War Book Series

This book, in my opinion, leads the charge on how to regulate space travel and the costs (even though it’s slightly understated) of traveling on ones own dime.

This book series also does an excellent job on normalizing space travel into a lesser impressionistic form we normally expect as the “awe” of how people view space flight. (This Something I wish to capture in my own novel.)

Follow from the perspective of the stories Protagonist, Kylara Vatta, who will bring you along on her journey full of cost, trials, traitors, war and death.

Kylara Vatta, former cadet of Slaughter Keys Space Force, was casted out from lending help to a lower classmate that embarrassed the Space Force. She returns home, sad, dramatic and over emotional, to her family.

The Vattas are a generously weathly family, owning massive farms, shipping and trading companies. She is tasked out by her father to be Captain of a ship as it is sent to the scrap yard.

On the way she runs into trouble, war, chances to make profits of her own and start her own independent trading company. Then something tragic happens to the once prestigious Vatta family; now where their name goes so does death and distraction.

She goes from simple trader, to mercenary, to the Admiral of the Space Defense Force – 3rd Fleet. Where she battles to protect all of free independent states from oppressors operating in the shadows. Oppressors that killed all her immediate family.

Check it out! Vatta’s War

Besides over zealous “suspicion” all the characters have, it’s a really good book series.

History Lovers Of all Kinds

History lovers love history and more often than none they love the back stories to most stories.

Being a major history lover myself, I see the history of a created worlds just as amusing and entertaining as the history recorded from ancient times.

Fictional wars, fictional politics, fictional people, and fictional problems seem to satisfy the tired void from rereading mankinds past over and over again.

If you think I’m wrong? Look at the crazy everyone has had over the StarWars going from the old republic all the way up too, the soon to be released, Force Awakens.

My stories have a significant past that speaks through the story like rainwater leaking through a roof. The hardest part is to not to overburden the present with the past in order to maintain the vision you wished to create. (Excluding stories that are strictly influenced by past events).

History feeds an appetite that many had no idea they had.

The Growing Post

As I’m sure some may have realized I have skipped a day on maintaining at least one post a day as I have been doing.

The reason why that came to be, was due to a much longer detailed history to one of my minor factions of TMU (Terran myth universe).

As you will see in the next week, I will outline a fun history of the faction known as the Sharaj. If you don’t read it here on the blog then you will miss out because it will not be mentioned in the novels.

Which brings me to another fine purpose. This blog is the filler for information that may be requested or information you have had no idea you wanted to know about TMU.

So As always! Stay tuned!

You are all great!

No Fears of becoming focused.

The title of this post is very miss leading and vague. Most of you would think it means that I’m not going to be focused on anything. This is not true.

I focus intently on my stories that I write, at least one at a time. However I will not become known for only one book or become focused primary on the genre of SF. I am solely an action guy; action from ancient, medieval, and all types of warfare leading into a dreamy future.

This currently is my SF saga that I have been desiring to bring to life for sometime. There are many other worlds I have drafted that I will bring to life, but at a much later date.

Action is action, no matter the sub genre.

I just wanted people to know my versatilities do not lie within a focused specific genre on the spectrum of writing.

So stay tuned for many many many great worlds, stories, and alternate realities that the madness in my mind stirs up.

More to come!

The madness of a rough draft.

I am a Classic in a way. As are many other authors in the world.

For me when it comes to wanting to tell a story I prefer writing it first. Why? To me It feels more of the art style that it really is. Plus I like feeling as if I wrote every letter of every word that made the story.

BUT I feel my artistic side likes to come out while I’m writing, the more “draw longs lines and break the rules of the page.

Here is what my madness looks like:
Yes I added a slight blur to prevent content disclosure. You can see see the madness.

In my head this is whatever everyone else’s looks like.


This was just a fun post,

Stay tuned folks!

Why Star Wars Haters should shut it.

Begin Rant

Many fan boys gripe and moan. Simply it is very aggravating. I love reading the reviews of episode 1-3 compared to 4-6. I love all six of these films, why? BECAUSE THEY TELL A GREAT STORY!


Given I’m part of the generation who was more exposed to episode 1-3. I STILL LOVE 4-6. And yes I have read the entire synopsis of Star Wars from the dawn of the Force powers to the very end. Why? because I’m hungry for these things. Why? Because I wanted to know what drove Lucas to create it.

Why you should put a cork in it? For the same reasons you don’t b*^%h about movies made from books. If you haven’t learn by now then you’re an idiot. One is a book. One is a movie. They are never the same. Why did I mention those as an example? Because that is how fan boys react to the CREATORS creation if it isn’t what they wanted.

Also No Yoda was not cooler as a puppet. However I loved his humor.

Why was Jar Jar important? I’m a writer. I saw the necessity of Jar Jar. If you don’t? It’s because you DONT GET IT. The same way you can’t understand the purpose of the villain.


Even with the remastered versions, the graphics are still painful in comparison to the first 3 BUT they are beautiful for the time era that they were created in.

EPISODE 1-3 were created first but filmed second. Why? Because Lucas didn’t agree with the technology limitations. Hence why they were made afterwards.

Why you shouldn’t b*^%h about the next 6 episodes? BECAUSE YOU. ARE. NOT. THE MASTERS. OF HIS UNIVERSE!
(Even Disney won’t stop Lucas- due to his success)
Think of it this way. Lucas is blessing you by allowing you to see how the story TRULY HAPPENS.

Why do I say it like that? BECAUSE it is GOERGE LUCAS’s story. His world. His creation. He is virtually the God of The starWars universe.

My favorite quote, “within a story a writer is God.” So why…..why!….. Do you insist to tell this man how to write his story?

So it doesn’t go against what you wanted? Cry about it. It IS NOT YOUR STORY TO TELL.

I’m sorry expanded universe. You are literally just published fan stories. Which is why hell will be razed because he isn’t using the story lines in the EU for his episode. If Lucas says he wants it a different way, well guess what…. It is his way.

It’s what brings millions if not billions of people together. We all love this world that ONE MAN created. So you need to understand as a writer myself. Just cram it.

Even though he sold his rights, episode 6-12 are created by him in a over all. (Written in Detail by jj) So shut it. You know you’ll still fork out your cash to watch it. I know I will and I will love it FOR THE STORY IT WILL TELL. You are on a losing side.

End rant.