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Short Stories from My Past! 

So this link below leads to a short series, this being the first of the post, and it  was while I was first dabbling in blogging. As you will notice it’s like a feature for the Terran Myth, same in set up that is. However this is not science Fiction, it’s just fiction! You’ll enjoy it. I hope. It is how I gain my first 100 followed in a week! 

The Beginnings of “Order Of the Night.” Part 1 “Setting up the Idea.”

Image credit to Deviant Artists

Random Stories Update

Terran Myth! Editing is ongoing!

Rogue Intelligence! Errrrr no comment!

Distracting my mind with a new story idea. I know I shouldn’t, but my mind is always over active. That is partially a reason to a lot of recent set backs plus my overused excuse of “working” (which is true but still.) 

New idea however, living out the story of a character and said character dies then plot twist the character lives in the end due to said person being a clone? Idk the exact details it’s just like a rough jumble of words slowly painting into a story. I usually think everything through thoroughly before pin meets paper. 

Book Recommendation! Atlas 2

The second most impressive modern military science fiction novel to hit the shelves or at least the audio book shelves.

You are following from the perspective of the two main characters from the first novel who have now split. It was a wonderful surprise as was the first.

Rade or as his call sign goes “Rage” is a broken hearted member of the worlds most elite force known as the “Moths.” They make the “special forces seem like Girl Scouts,” as it says in one or two parts.

Rage is a distraught individual due to the lost of his childhood friend; both grew up together as orphans. To add on to his already battered mind, the love of his life, who Rage believes is dead, is actually alive and surviving on her own.

This story is vivid and well thought out. I recommend all who like MSF to jump in and get you in on some Moth Action in an Alas! Well at least imagine it.

Terran Myth Update

I apologize everyone, this new job is actually a lot tougher while I’m in the early stages of training. (They are understaffed and training me to be a supervisor with 100 other people. Yay!)

Bad news, I haven’t had time or motivation to touch my nov as of late. I am going to be pushing my latest possible even imaginable! EPD! for my book back to March. Just as a precaution.

This is to account for the 4 weeks of training and its probable chance of causing interference. Yes I have had a bit of a shell shock this week and I usually pass out when I get home!

So again I apologize on behalf of the promises I have made for the novel. It’s at 67k words out of the original 73 I had. I chose to remove some scenes that drug out! (So at least i polished it up.)

I plan to maintain a daily post to at least inform you of my progress and ideas as usual.

In good news I just save 75% on my car insurance by switching to progressive! These guys are awesome! (At the moment.)

It’s all for the best!

Christmas Eve Writing

So here I am, on Christmas Eve, crunching out an entire chapter for my novel. With how things went during the job transfer I fell stagnant. So I must speed up.

As well, this be that cursed time of a day where the shiny lights of the night, draws on every ounce of my attention needy mind.


And also… Merry Christmas eve!

The Segway Post

Hey everyone!

I just want people not go lose hope about me keeping up my post day to day. I have just been busy the past two days getting done with my old job, Christmas shopping and spending time with my lady.

(Gotta keep her happy)

Tomorrow is my last day of the old, long, terribly underpaid job that interferes with my life way to often.

Light is just at the end of the tunnel

Tomorrow stay tuned for Tier I and TDF.

Terran Myth Update

Exciting news!

On track to be in the last 5th of the book by the end of next week!

Editing is still on going, for two editors I have destroyed the normal reading process since they are just doing basic grammar and spelling. (Sorry guys!)

I’m crossing the 80k word mark by next Monday for sure! The reason it seems slow is because I had to pause for a couple of days while interviewing for new jobs.

Yes! I got a better paying job with a lot more free time! So I can write until my heart gives out. (Which I hope is 60 years from now)

So enjoy folks! And remember to stay tuned for more fun features!

Action Will Always Be Action

A lot of people focus specifically on one specific genre that reflects their imagination comfortably. This is not the case for everyone. So people stay true to the overall genre that fits them.

For me, this genre would be action. Action is what defines me and drives me; whether it be a battle of kings, conqueror of worlds, defenders of the peace or a band of rebels for independence.

I have dabbled in many sub-genres of the like but I cannot seem to stay focused enough for it to define me as one face. Therefor I would like to see how the future will transform the genre of Action.

Safely I’m saying that whatever the sub-genre, if it is action, then it will always be action I write.

Stay tuned for updates!

Keys to the Universe “The Sharaj – Finale”

Welcome to another feature of the Keys to the Universe. A soon to be official guide for my upcoming book series.

Factions of The Terran Myth: Episode I Faction 2.

The Sharaj “The Unknown History – The Finale”

(NOTE:The order that the factions are listed does not in anyway symbolize their Significance)

The Sharaj (Sh-ah -rah) or (Sh-ah-raj)
It is said they will “Claim a new Empire.”

Reqqite devised a plan to separate prized assets against those for collateral. All normal trade ships were over crewed, most of them being replace with elite commandos of the Sharajen’s military. As the ships docked in Anarraj, these commandos will covertly disperse insert themselves into the population.

Their targets were the prized minds and other valued personnel that Reqqite felt would serve better if removed from harms way. As well he wanted to take Anarraj intact for its worth.

These Commando teams captured scientist, industrialist and other important minds. They were then stowed away to safety, prior to the main invasion. The commandos also crippled communications at the initial of time the invasion. Anarraj was easily fooled and their defenses were unable to react before their system was invaded.

The Sharajen’s Space force would have been defeated if it weren’t for their 3 to 1 favor. However even with their overall Victory against the Annarajen starships, the Sharajen’s space force would be crippled for years.

Once the space was clear of threats the siege of Anarraj began. This annoyed Reqqite Sharaj by lasting longer than he wanted. The superior numbers of the Sharajen’s clashed poorly against the, superiorly trained, Anarrajen soldiers. After four weeks, the Siege became a war of attrition. The Siege crippled the planets infrastructure more than desired , but war has always been unpredictable.

Finally Victory was rewarded to the Sharajen’s, who in the end, brought a considerable larger amount of troops. Raqqite would set out to once more rebuild Sharaj’s military forces.

The Empire of Sharaj would thus set in stone its own piece of the Galaxy, with a future unbeknown but to their later  generations.

Thank you for participating in this feature about the Empire of the Sharaj.

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History Lovers Of all Kinds

History lovers love history and more often than none they love the back stories to most stories.

Being a major history lover myself, I see the history of a created worlds just as amusing and entertaining as the history recorded from ancient times.

Fictional wars, fictional politics, fictional people, and fictional problems seem to satisfy the tired void from rereading mankinds past over and over again.

If you think I’m wrong? Look at the crazy everyone has had over the StarWars going from the old republic all the way up too, the soon to be released, Force Awakens.

My stories have a significant past that speaks through the story like rainwater leaking through a roof. The hardest part is to not to overburden the present with the past in order to maintain the vision you wished to create. (Excluding stories that are strictly influenced by past events).

History feeds an appetite that many had no idea they had.