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Currently a College Student at SNHU. I love writing, for some reason I write my best when I can share it with people because if I can keep peoples interest than it keeps my interest.

One Step Closer.

I would love to talk and talk, but there simply isn’t much I can say that will express how relieved I am to be done with, to me, the hardest part of this drive. (Applying myself to finish writing) 

As of now, book one is DONE!

Done? You ask.

Yes done. As in, if I needed to throw it up on Amazon and start selling it tonight, I could. However, I’m not doing that. 

There is some editing that needs to be done and that’s mainly to please me. 

In case you are curious as to what’s next? It’s time to polish and nitpick for the next few weeks until my cover art is completed. 

The day this book hits Amazon is the day the first draft of book 2 begins. 


Let’s Not Repeat History!

Alright folks!

Latest from one of the futures greatest! (It sounds catchy, don’t judge, it’s more out of good fun)

So as of about 25 minutes ago I’ve successfully completed a pretty exciting outline to book number 2 in the Terran Myth series. 

Yes, I’m sure those of you who have been following my spotty blog posts are probably like “ummmm didn’t you start writing book one like a year ago?”

Yes and I say to you in reply; “You come live my life and see how far you get! Ha-ha!”

Alright. I got that out of my system. Again good humor. 

As far as book one goes, I should hopefully be wrapping that up here in the next few weeks (I multi-task; I plan when I cannot sit down in front of my laptop to type.) and that’s based on how much I’ve been able to devote to writing the past few weeks. 

Well folks! Back to the good ole work place!


What makes you unique among thousands? 

Unfortunately, if you are here looking for the answers at what separates you from every other writer then you might have made a wrong click.
Then again, you might have and if you stick around then possibly you may find out if we are in a similar boat. 
You surf and surf throughout the lovely World Wide Web, often wondering if you can find the answers you seek. An against all popular belief, sometimes, not even Google has the answer.

It’s devastating for some of you… But don’t lose hope now, it gets better so just hang in there chaps!
The battle of what makes me unique?

I often wonder what it is that I can do differently when I’m writing and what is worse, I wonder what it is I’m being too generic on. 

I have some very challenging things I’m trying deliver for readers and it is a battle between “what’s been done and what hasn’t been done” against “what’s been done and worked vs. what’s been done and hasn’t worked.” 
It’s a curious thing to have to do when you take the time to step back and look at it. 

However, regardless of what I do or don’t do, my ultimate goal is to deliver an exciting story.

The first time is always the hardest. 

You would be surprised at how universal that philosophy is and how true it is.
Imagine the first day in the gym? It’s the hardest.
Imagine the first day on the job? Always the hardest. Well it’s debatable, but true for most.
Imagine trying to do something for the first time and it is hard, but then the second time around its smooth sail.
That’s how this feels so far. 
So I’m trying not to waste too much free time on video games (the division) or catching up on tv shows (expanse, arrow, limitless, billions, colony, etc.) and have been quickly planning out book 2.
Man, it’s easy. 
While writing book 1 (which I’m finishing up) I was mentally preparing myself for the rest of the series, while also planning some other fun novels. So now that I’m planning it out, it’s flowing smoothly and I am having too much fun doing it.
In the days to come you will be kept updated as best as I can. It’s often hard to know what to write, but I’m pretty efficient at getting the information out there. 

Nearing the end! A quick up date from me to you. 

Yes, it has been a long time.
Let’s be honest, I just didn’t have it in me to post about my story constantly until REAL progress was made. This feeling carried over into posting anything at all. I created this to share my stories and since I haven’t had any new stories coming out it has been kind of collecting dust. 
No, no, no, unfortunately I’m not quite finished with my book just it yet, but consider this a minor reminder to you all and to me that there are big things to come! Much sooner than I accepted. 
As of now I’m over 112,000 words deep into book one.
Book two has fortunately been in the planning stage, outline, timelines, plot lines for each character. The works. I balance this in rather well and over the past days I’ve been making progress that I procrastinated on making earlier.
To top all of this off I have 3 other novels in the “idea making” stage and will probably keep those locked up until I’m done with book 2. 

Sometimes You need more than a tweak.

Alas, it has been a while.

In that long span of time a lot of fortunate and unfortunate things have unfolded. 

Of course the battle of having free time to write is always and forever only half way won.

Personal life, such as health was a set back along side the new area we have to deal with at work (which is entirely too chaotic, but the pay is pretty good.) However, one day I dream to make writing a living, even if it allows me to reduce to a part time job and allow me to not work for the labor industry; to be more specific, skilled labor industry. It’s hard work for starvation wages and I honestly prefer to write for what I currently make. 

Now comes the major point of my post for today. My writing, as you may or may not know, was fairly close to completion. At least the 2nd draft was. (The first draft was hand written, which I find crucial for grasping the true emotion as a creative writer.) 

But I have been plagued by one chapter that seemed to stick out like a sore thumb. I personally have a limit to explanation giving and I felt I crossed it. I was willing to let it pass, since most people cruised past it, only noting slight boredom from that chapter. I was not satisfied. Then comes a day very recently. (Thanks to a movie inspiring me) I’m happy to say that a rework is in progress and I’m way too excited about where is has led. Once I finish it tomorrow I will have only two chapters left until I’m completely done with phase two. 

Yes, it has taken too long to reach this point ever since I started this journey, but for me this will be a personal accomplishment. 

Thanks everyone,

 Stay tuned!

The Page Turner

Reading pages upon pages, listening to book after book and watching anything remotely creative doesn’t always fill the gaps on protocols and edicit.

So I took upon myself to hand over two major enteries to my book to a fellow military man; A retire (XO) Naval Officer aka my current Director for my civilian job. 

The two enteries are from perspectives of a dozen or so Naval officers and how they would operate/communicate to one another in a formal setting and in a combat one. 

I’m fluent in regular army SOP’s (standard operating procedures) but I was worried about my naval SOP’s. 

Good news! Turned out I was pretty spot on and best of yet, he gave me two thumps up (more like appraisal in person and desires to read more) but I took it for what it was worth!  

Stay Tuned folks!

New Shows to play with your imagination! 

First off, this show isn’t new, but it is new to a lot of people. The Last Ship!

The Last Ship is based on the 1988 novel by William Brinkley, and it recounts the story of the crew of a US Navy Destroyer when faced with a global crisis created by a pandemic of a virus that destroyed most of the human population, after they return from a 4 month long mission to the Arctic, where they were escorting two scientists whose mission is to study the virus and find. 

The thrills of possibilities are endless on where this show could go, but the method for them to reach that length is going to be a test. The show feels as if it should end soon, but who know with TV series these days. As long as the ratings are good, then they can film whatever they want. Take Sulernatural for example. (No offense to the show, I like the show- but now it is just repeating itself like a more interesting call of duty game) 

I’ll spare you the long read and mention The Strain, Dark Matter, Kill Joys and the Brink!

Stay tuned folks, I’m making my comeback. 

60,000 Words and Counting!

As you may know, I hand write before I type. Three weeks of phase 2, typing and on spot editing, and I’m 60,000 words deep. 

I would normally be super excited about that number but after a few tweaks I added a better flow to 3 consecutive chapters that lacked it. That much I’m happy with it, and tonight progress will only continue! 

Once I reach my “credit teaser,” I’ll leak my new chapter one! *enter egotistical smile here*

Stay tuned folks!

No Apologies, Just Progress.

Yes, I have been gone for a little while, and it isn’t because I forgot about my blog. It came down to a simple matter of the responsibilities I had promised to complete. 
Just a quick update as to what I have been up too!

Per orders of my military contract, I was off playing soldier in the woods for two weeks. It was fun, long, hot, uncomfortable and a very good learning experience. I honestly look forward to doing it again the next go round. 

While I was off playing soldier, I had spare time to write out the short story “Rogue Intelligence,” but you won’t see that until after TMU book 1 is completely typed and edited. (To the fullest extent that is, because sometimes grammar mistakes can slip through the gaps.)

In regards to TMU book One, the book I was posting all the progress about before I left, I have been making serious headway in transition it from the handwritten into digital text. (Yes, I like to hand write my stories first. It allows me to fill responsible for personally crafting each letter for myself like artwork. I’ve mentioned this in an earlier post.)

While I can handwrite close to 10,000 words in a day I can only force myself to type between 2000-5000 a day before my mind or hands desire a break. Typing can really burn you out mentally while acting as a filter between your imagination and the text document. I don’t want to overdo anything in the ways of explanations or descriptions. 

I gave myself an extra week off after I finished writing the short story to mentally prepare myself for the overpowering duty of typing every day, sometimes throughout the whole day. Since starting this little escapade last Monday I have reached a grand total of 40,000 words typed, out of the 100,000 word goal. I just finished my Wednesday slack day of only 2000 words. (Which takes between 1-3 hours, depending on how fast I want to get back to enjoying my social life.)

I just hope I keep up this intensity! 

See, no routine apologies that usually follow my brief moments of radio silence. Just an update on all the progress!
I’m back, So stay tuned!