Hey there! Welcome, to my blog.

Skyler Hawkes is the name, writing is the game. (Overused, I know but it’s still fun to say.)

While growing up I realized I loathed the idea of reading or writing. I openly displayed my dislike early on but never expected the fall out that would follow. It would go as far as getting me held back a grade, which due to my birthday being already late into the year, caused me to be a few years older than the majority of the people I would continue through school with. Things turned around sometime in my midteens when writing turned into a intoxicating creative outlet that fulfilled the itch you get for anyone who likes to create.

As of late I have been focusing heavily on science fiction. For those that like my other works, then do not fear because I will continue other genres than Sci-fi. I hope everyone enjoys my posts and stories as I do enjoy sharing them. Whenever i do get around to sharing them.

**** All ideas and post are based on original thoughts an ideas, excluding pictures/concept art. All moral rights of the artists stand. ****

This page is updated Yearly. It should be more frequently, but I wont pretend like I’m not lazy.

Last Update: 04/18/19


  1. I have to say- your theme is incredible! My ADHD has not allowed me to actually READ anything yet- but the imagery is fantastic! Way to nerd out! (That is meant as a highly complimentary statement)

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