Hey there! Welcome, to my blog.

Soon you will know me by my pen name “Skyler Hawkes.”

However for you who have made it to my blog,

My real name is Tyler Beddard.

While growing up I realized I hated reading and writing, and I openly displayed my intolerance to both. I would even carry this out to be withheld back a grade because of my refusal to read openly to the class’s or do reading homework, which angered many of my teachers. As I got older and little more sense in my hard head I realized I had a knack for good imaginative writing and so began what you see on here today.

As of late I have been focusing heavily on science fiction. For those that like my other works, then do not fear because I will continue other genres than Sci-fi. I hope everyone enjoys my post and stories as I do enjoy sharing them.

**** All ideas and post are based on original thoughts an ideas, excluding pictures/concept art. All moral rights of the artists stand. ****

This page is updated Yearly. It should be more frequently, but I wont pretend like I’m not lazy.

Last Update: 04/11/18

2 thoughts on “About”

  1. I have to say- your theme is incredible! My ADHD has not allowed me to actually READ anything yet- but the imagery is fantastic! Way to nerd out! (That is meant as a highly complimentary statement)

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