Unfortunately, if you are here looking for the answers at what separates you from every other writer then you might have made a wrong click.
Then again, you might have and if you stick around then possibly you may find out if we are in a similar boat. 
You surf and surf throughout the lovely World Wide Web, often wondering if you can find the answers you seek. An against all popular belief, sometimes, not even Google has the answer.

It’s devastating for some of you… But don’t lose hope now, it gets better so just hang in there chaps!
The battle of what makes me unique?

I often wonder what it is that I can do differently when I’m writing and what is worse, I wonder what it is I’m being too generic on. 

I have some very challenging things I’m trying deliver for readers and it is a battle between “what’s been done and what hasn’t been done” against “what’s been done and worked vs. what’s been done and hasn’t worked.” 
It’s a curious thing to have to do when you take the time to step back and look at it. 

However, regardless of what I do or don’t do, my ultimate goal is to deliver an exciting story.

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