You would be surprised at how universal that philosophy is and how true it is.
Imagine the first day in the gym? It’s the hardest.
Imagine the first day on the job? Always the hardest. Well it’s debatable, but true for most.
Imagine trying to do something for the first time and it is hard, but then the second time around its smooth sail.
That’s how this feels so far. 
So I’m trying not to waste too much free time on video games (the division) or catching up on tv shows (expanse, arrow, limitless, billions, colony, etc.) and have been quickly planning out book 2.
Man, it’s easy. 
While writing book 1 (which I’m finishing up) I was mentally preparing myself for the rest of the series, while also planning some other fun novels. So now that I’m planning it out, it’s flowing smoothly and I am having too much fun doing it.
In the days to come you will be kept updated as best as I can. It’s often hard to know what to write, but I’m pretty efficient at getting the information out there. 

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