Saving  Endangered Tron, is a must. 

I don’t know about you, but Tron was a very popular story in my book. It was inspiring and allowed many minds to see that even some of the most bizarre things can come to life for millions of people. (I.e. Starwars when it first came out) 

Happening Now, Fans are trotting to the rescue of Tron, as Disney has given it the axe. Movies have been saved in the past by fans, Vin diesels “Riddick,” only made it due to overwelming support on Mr. Diesels Facebook. Dead pool, axe’d twice, but was saved twice by fans and actors. The only reason the starship troopers franchise has made it his far (almost all those movies are painful to watch, except the first) is do to the cult like fan bases. 

So why am I posting to all of you about saving Tron? I’m not doing it as some cult fan member (which I might be) but I’m doing it as a writer that supports a very creative and imaginative story. It was a master piece in its own right, it was a great story about a character who created his own perfect world; through video games of course. Then went into that world! It’s beautiful!  ….sigh not I will have to watch it again! Also did I tell you that Tron revolutionized cgi’ing a complete modeled face of an actor. They were the first to do it. Then Avatar. (Or am k confusing the two?)

This movie motivated my early writings, even though they weren’t alike, they were inspired none the less. 

I would save it, so I suggest you to as well. Even if you don’t like it, think of it as your “good deed” for the day/week/month/year. All it takes is just signing the petition! 

Sign here