Posting on a holiday usually never leads to anything good. That is why yesterday a post pretty much slid by unnoticed. Which was My fault. 

Terran Myth Book 1 Status: Completed all Writing; Currently Typing and editing. BASICALLY IT IS FINISHED! *fist pump in triumph* 

This was quicker to achieve than I expected. It was easier since I started the very unhealthy use of caffeine on days I designate as writing days. So let me be your test subject to show you it doesn’t kill you in the end. (Sarcasm)  

I’ll be vanishing for 2 weeks this Friday, to conduct annual training and then I’ll return with hopefully the first half of book 2 written out! 

Unfortunately, since I’ll be in the woods sleeping most of my nights, I won’t be able to type out the remainder of book one. So don’t bail out on me! We’ve made it this far. Let’s finish it! 

As a tribute to this milestone, I will release a section of the first chapter on here, once the entire book is finished being typed and edited, as best as it can be. As well a special offer will be announce once the coverart is finished.

On a side note; this will be my first book selfpublished, (shooting to eventually get on with a real publisher- no rush there) but I want your feed back! As much negative and good feed back as you can force my way before you tire out. 

Keep a look out for the new TMU features to come!

Stay tuned my friends! I appreciate all your support. 


    1. Oh trust me, it’s a mind numbing process, but compared to the time is has taken for me to put this story on paper, editing will be quicker. Working a full time job, which we all know makes writing a little harder trying to squeeze in time to actually sit down and write, then day to day then writing would be my easier of the two tasks. However, now that I can share some of the burden with my fellow editors (who are my back bone), all I have to do is tinker, approve and polishing.

      1. I’m jealous, that’s great that you’re already meeting up with editors. You must be in good hands then – and I understand your plight with work fatigue. Sometimes the last thing you want to do when you get off from a long day is think about writing.

    2. Also I will be writing is scene changes and such, but y struggle has always been getting it written in the time I have. I hate having it sit there for weeks collecting dust because I’m burned out from work. In the meantime, I am curious, how is your book is coming along?

      1. Let me check – I just did a big chunk of outlining today (I mean, it’s been sitting in my brain for a while, so outlining isn’t the hard part).

        As for the actual story – I’m only up to 5600 words, but the world building has spread out to several documents on several devices, so it’s coming along nicely.

        Just knowing that I have this deadline ticking away is scaring the hell out of me, and that’s really helpful.

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