Yes, what you are about to read is an excuse and a very poor one at that.

The past 2 weeks have been my space time overdrive. Simply I was just wasting time. I avoided setting aside time to come to my blog and I apologize for that. For my viewers and my followers it was a let down on my part. I drastically went from a post or two a day, down to once a day and dropped to once every four days. This one is almost 2 weeks late. *enter sad failure face here*

Overall it’s just been me dropping the ball. Even people in my personal life have been getting on me for not setting time aside for my writing and my blog like I need too. It’s frustrating but it’s only me putting pleasure before progress.

Well after two weeks of being an “open mouth breather” (a person who wastes everyone’s time and oxygen) I am setting aside all the wasteful things and focusing a lot more on my writing.

Of course I haven’t technically gone against my word for my EPD for the end of March, knowing things like this might happen much earlier. Hopefully I reach my publish date like I expected.

As always, stay tuned!


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