Book Recommendation: Fortunes Pawn

Not the usual type of military SF I’m use too, but Fortunes Pawn was a very good venture off the beaten path. Yes, it is listed as military SF on goodreads but it lacks the actual military appeal as most would. However it has hints of it in there. It was fun to read.

You are following the protagonist Devi Morris (Ms. Morris) as she takes on a security position (which she normally hates) on the infamous “Glorious Fool.” The ship crew is filled with a diverse selection of Humans. The ship is also full of secrets that are worth killing for. The average mercenary last just under one tour of duty on the Glorious Fool. Ms. Morris plans to see her contract all the way to the end in order to receive her wish to join one of the most elite forces in the universe, The Devastators.

Book recommendation! Odyssey One

This is a serious must read book series. The ending is so cinematic that it deserves an award for the greatest closure to a story arch. It’s also not over, it just leaves you satisfied with the end and crossing your fingers for more!

I will not be leaving a description for this book series in this blog post because I want you to venture out to see it for yourself. It is worth it!

Also if you listen to the audiobook version. The narrator changes for the last novel. However the new narrator was incredible! Check it out!


I messed up. Let me Explain.

Yes, what you are about to read is an excuse and a very poor one at that.

The past 2 weeks have been my space time overdrive. Simply I was just wasting time. I avoided setting aside time to come to my blog and I apologize for that. For my viewers and my followers it was a let down on my part. I drastically went from a post or two a day, down to once a day and dropped to once every four days. This one is almost 2 weeks late. *enter sad failure face here*

Overall it’s just been me dropping the ball. Even people in my personal life have been getting on me for not setting time aside for my writing and my blog like I need too. It’s frustrating but it’s only me putting pleasure before progress.

Well after two weeks of being an “open mouth breather” (a person who wastes everyone’s time and oxygen) I am setting aside all the wasteful things and focusing a lot more on my writing.

Of course I haven’t technically gone against my word for my EPD for the end of March, knowing things like this might happen much earlier. Hopefully I reach my publish date like I expected.

As always, stay tuned!