The ending.

It is everything to a story in my opinion. Yes… You’ll hear many argue with you that it isn’t, but fortunately it really is.

Why? Because it is the last thing you leave the reader with. A positive ending will then have the reader positively reflect over the rest of your story.

A lot of people argue that it’s the message of a story that is the more important element. Which is often arguably true. If your message is delivered with a neutral send off then it will be well receive. However if you give it a terrible ending then people will react negatively towards it.

I base this off my many observations, experiences and social group studies. (I once went to see a movie 6 times to see how people reacted to it….)

(I was very bored that summer.)

There are good endings, sad endings, bad endings, epic endings and down right jaw dropping endings; they all rely on your delivery.

So what’s your favorite part of the story? What makes you feel more emotionally reacting towards a story.

Share your thoughts and stay tuned.

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