Terran Myth Universe Update 2015

Well there is no fear in my heart about completion of this novel. 3/4 of the way done. Yes the journey has been long, and a bit more complicated with factoring in the real world issues such as bills and entertainment (I thrive on entertainment- movies are my mind’s escape.) and employment changes.

For all the numbers people out there, this means in well on into reaching 80k words here shortly. Time will be fun until then. I shall do my upmost best to keep steady posts. (Passing out when I come home from work never helps- so I’ll post while I’m at work!)

As always, Stay tuned!


Book recommendation! Ark Royal Series

Following a very sensible approach to our wonderful planet and all her separate nations discovering spaceflight on their own, Christopher Nuttal invites a new approach to interstellar war.

Unlike most, however, this story is led from the side of England; bringing their well develop customs of being a naval power.

What’s it about all together? Well Earth comes under fire from an Alien species who begins an all out war against their human enemy. Unfortunately the super modern space ships that are armed to the teeth stand no chance against the Alien foe. It comes down to one ship called the Ark Royal, the oldest ship in the fleet used as a museum peace, and her Captain, an aging drunkard, who is the only one capable of commanding her.

The fate of mankind lies in a museum peace and a drunk; will he rise to the challenge or will the drink end his and billions of others lives?

Book recommendation: Royal Ranger

I don’t usually talk about this but this book series was the very first in my life. It’s so old that I was a kid when It was released to the United States. Says a lot.

The Royal Ranger is book 12 of a book series that follows the protagonist “Will” as he grows into the man he will become. He joins the dark mysterious ranks of the Kings Ranger’s.

If you’ve ever heard the quote “One Ranger, one Riot.”

This book series here is just that. And when “fit hits the Shan,” and 2 Rangers are needed for one riot. That riot is quickly put down.

Yes, as most of you have realized this is a jump off the normal post, as it doesn’t reference MSF or SF at all. However with this book series, I just felt it was a must share. It means a lot to me and if you ever need to motivate someone to read some YA, this is a good start.

As always, stay tuned!

Holy Smokes! I’m writing. Part 2 or 2.

Well I spoke a little soon on the whole writing. I conceded on the fact that I would not be getting anything close to what I would have liked. I managed to pump out about 4000 words though. So there is a start.

Also I intend to start optimizing my break time at work with small attempts to crack into finishing up the short story “Rogue Intelligence.”

Stay tuned!

Book Recommendation! Atlas 2

The second most impressive modern military science fiction novel to hit the shelves or at least the audio book shelves.

You are following from the perspective of the two main characters from the first novel who have now split. It was a wonderful surprise as was the first.

Rade or as his call sign goes “Rage” is a broken hearted member of the worlds most elite force known as the “Moths.” They make the “special forces seem like Girl Scouts,” as it says in one or two parts.

Rage is a distraught individual due to the lost of his childhood friend; both grew up together as orphans. To add on to his already battered mind, the love of his life, who Rage believes is dead, is actually alive and surviving on her own.

This story is vivid and well thought out. I recommend all who like MSF to jump in and get you in on some Moth Action in an Alas! Well at least imagine it.

A promotion!?

So I have some wonderful news, since my department is still relatively brand new there is a promotion along with the new job!

Unfortunately I haven’t touched my writing in a few days. That all changes tomorrow as I crunch threw an entire chapter like a Viking raiding a wealthy coastal village!

On a side note; who would like to be in my warband? I can’t plunder by myself.

Well not anymore. Not since I took that arrow to the knee.

My Favorite Part of the Story.

The ending.

It is everything to a story in my opinion. Yes… You’ll hear many argue with you that it isn’t, but fortunately it really is.

Why? Because it is the last thing you leave the reader with. A positive ending will then have the reader positively reflect over the rest of your story.

A lot of people argue that it’s the message of a story that is the more important element. Which is often arguably true. If your message is delivered with a neutral send off then it will be well receive. However if you give it a terrible ending then people will react negatively towards it.

I base this off my many observations, experiences and social group studies. (I once went to see a movie 6 times to see how people reacted to it….)

(I was very bored that summer.)

There are good endings, sad endings, bad endings, epic endings and down right jaw dropping endings; they all rely on your delivery.

So what’s your favorite part of the story? What makes you feel more emotionally reacting towards a story.

Share your thoughts and stay tuned.

My lovely rant for the evening.

Wonderful news!

Entering into my second full week of work at the new job and I’m granted with the lovely sickness commonly referred to as the stomach flu.

After a pain staking night of pain and other physical horrors I have returned to the land of the living but could only stare at my writing with a blank mind.

My mental state is still focused on surviving the minor ills left over by this terrible sickness.

If you ever want to know what it feels like then I can basically say it’s a complete and utter wipe out of your physical condition. The worst exhausted state you can come too without much work on your part!

So in conclusion the posts that were to originally follow the last, will come tomorrow!

Stay tuned and also Stay Healthy!

Rogue Intelligence Update!

So I drifted off to check on my ghost writer! The story has come along well. A few touches up here and there will be needed but thus far I enjoyed it.

To me the ending is everything, it is the last thing you leave the readers with. I want to leave you all with either one of two feelings. The first being a modest “wow” factor or the other leaving you upset and craving for more.

Both thoroughly please me! So feel free to express both when needed. EPD the end of January!

Stay tuned tomorrow for what I find to be some of the greatest concepts of writing.