It is a curious thing, the late night write, it is.

It is the moment where most find their true time for dedication, motivation, and aspirations to ameliorate one’s life. It is the time where if you chose to bask in the moment instead of sleep, grand things will follow.

The midnight write is where 1,000 words can turn into 10,000 words following sore, if not a numb hand. It is where ground breaking thoughts unravel as if you are experiencing the story in a rare untouched form. It is a beautiful thing.

At Midnight, or the magical 25 twilight hour (if you ever read the midnighters book series you’ll get the reference- if not, it is a YA novel and a good one at that.) is where our inner animal rises, claws, cries to be set free and it is sadly also the time where the human psyche is truly let down. This is set on by how much sleep your taught you need versus how much sleep you want.

Live for the motivation, the midnight and not for the procrastination of what your mind has been trained.

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