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Factions of The Terran Myth: Episode I Faction 2.

The Sharaj “The Unknown History – Part 3”

(NOTE:The order that the factions are listed does not in anyways symbolize their Significance)

The Sharaj (Sh-ah -rah) or (Sh-ah-raj)
It is said they will “Claim a new Empire.”

Their next target Seqqite wanted overtake was Warrata, but it proved to be difficult. The Anarraj supplied the fearful government of the Warrata with dozens of derelict warships, most being battleships. The Anarraj intelligence was aware that the Sharajen’s lack adequate combat capable warships. The derelict warships were the equipped with cheaply bought ship crews and given a few basic upgrades. Just enough to stand up to the Sharajen’s space Force.

Sharaj operatives caught wind of this and informed their leaders. Raqqite Sharaj devised a risky course of action to gain his victory. Instead of using his superior ground forces as they should be used. Raqqite used them to board the warships through open space.

Over a dozen transports jumped into the Warrata’s core world sensors range. The transports then went dark, cruising towards the stationary derelict fleet. Once in range the Sharraj launch over a hundred thousand assault troopers. Hurling them through space.

The Sharaj suffered tens of thousand of casualties, the majority due to malfunctioning spacesuits. Fortunately the Sharajen’s superior combatants over threw the inexperienced merchants. In toll they capture 36 warships. A few other ships were too damaged during the fight. Due to the lack of qualified personnel to repair them, those ships were converted for training purposes.

To be Continued.

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