Welcome to another feature of the Keys to the Universe. A soon to be official guide for my upcoming book series.

Factions of The Terran Myth: Episode I Faction 2.

The Sharaj “The Unknown History – Part 2”

(NOTE:The order that the factions are listed does not in anyways symbolize their Significance)

The Sharaj (Sh-ah-rah) or (Sh-ah-raj)
It is said they will “Claim a new Empire.”

After a long period of peace, while the Sharaj expanded its military power, they broke out into a dual system war. Focusing more on ground warfare than space. They lacked adequate warships and used reconfigured cargo freighters to transport the bulk of their forces.

They soon enveloped both systems into their Empire; using their vast numbers to overwhelm the divided and underdeveloped nations. These nations would quickly surrender ownership.

Mandomn wanted to halt his expansion to build up their already stretch thin military. He would die a few years later and his son Reqqite Sharaj will be voted into the position of Supreme Leader.

Raqqite planned his next conquest for a border system that connected their growing empire to their former birth world, Anarraj. His ultimate goal would be bringing Anarraj into the Sharajen Empire. Anarraj, by now, unified its own star system of 11 worlds and drafted its self as a successful ships builders. They were also a proud owner of a Tireh DeciMyraidium Gate. It was the jewel the Sharaj needed to become a recognized power.

To be Continued.

You have been reading Part 2:
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