Interesting enough I have decided my brain and probably every other writers brain in the world, acting like a the ancient power hungry Roman Empire.

How do I state something as direct as this? Easy.

The Roman Empire was at one point the center of civilization for their known area (Obviously not the world). It would consume a new lands with a thirst for all its worth. Kind of like me on nights I have chips and salsa for an appetizer before dinner (man that made me hungry). Unlike my narrow victory for food, the Romans would take from these newly conquer their lands, not just their wealth or people but it’s knowledge. Roman had a hunger for knowledge.

Our brain does too. It’s such as adapting a policy you see being done well or not and creating it for yourself. Or one inspired by another.

This happens very often for me due to the vast catalog of growing Novels I have been reading (cough cough) listening too- which means my mind is never short of new creative mental food.

A Moment i am referring too is like this one: I hear a great idea, usually it is used in an average kind of way or not what it is worth. I hate when good ideas are used poorly. Guess what? So did the Romans.

Another thing my mind does like the Romans did, is develop newer/better ideas based off of one small element to an original design. The element is so small that you wouldn’t even be able to tell that your original idea was inspired by another.

Yes I know I’m literally just preaching what everyone already knows and accepts as a general thing in life. I just wanted to share it.

This is a blog after all!

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