Welcome back to another feature of the Terran Myth Universe. Officially Dubbed “Keys to the Universe” (it just sounds catchy.)

The Development Tiers: Part 1 of 4.

Here I will discuss the different levels of development between factions in the Terran Myth Universe. These levels are divided into Tiers; I being the lowest developed while IV is the highest developed. Of course I will only mention those that are introduced in book 1.

I have already introduced you to the Nation of the Tireh, which is a Tier IV level of developed society. Their military power is also a very considerable threat to anyone opposing them. You can find information about the Tireh Faction with one of the following links Tireh Part I, Tireh Part II.

The break down is simply based off the level of technology and its frequency of implementation into the society as a whole (meaning even the common folks have easy access to the advance tech). This is how mankind grades them.

TIER IV Factions: What to Expect.

Highly Advance Power Capabilities
Highly Advance infrastructure (Civil and Marshal)
Highly Developed Supplies In a vast array

Details of what to expect in Factions of Tier IV:

-Sophisticated Development of power sources from commercial scale all the way down to personal scale. Normally Antimatter.

-Normal Society is linked via wireless implants, with normalized capacity for internal implanted devices that replace the use of datapads. They interact with these through a head ups display only the individual linked to it can see.

-Energy weapons are their BASIC form of weapons.

-Instantaneous Communications through sophisticated networks of communication platforms. (Usually Within their territory)

-Faster short forms of travel. (Either by FTL or by other means).

-Advance Weaponry (examples: advance battle armor, enhanced battle suits, vehicles, ships, cloaking devices).

-Genetically enhanced Soldiers. (Speaks for itself)

– Usually a Capacity to create clones at will (which normally does not happen).

Not to cause any shock. They Usually own thousands of star systems.

You Can Find
Part 1 here (Tier IV)
Part 2 here (Tier III)
Part 3 here (Tier II)


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