I just couldn’t help myself (plus a slight overdose of caffeine helped greatly *guilty smile*) and so I pulled an over night write-in. I accomplished a lot (6k words). Plus action scenes just don’t stop themselves half way through, they keep going until they are done. It’s just impossible to put down the pen or pencil when you are in the fun chapters.

My hand muscles are sore, my fingers ache in agony, but GOOD GRIEF that scene was just Bad Freaking *bleep*! (Yes I just bleeped out a written curse word. Don’t judge me, I try to keep mostly clean blog posts. *sarcasm*)

*CAUTION Don’t Try This at Home:*
I think I might have went slightly overboard by listening to an audiobook at the same time. The action from the book was pretty intense and was easily just fueling that passionate flame I had for violence at the time, and it caused me to write out over half the chapter following the battle.

HINT: The Terran Myth Universe is an all too truth of mankind that predates the Ancient Roman Empire. Those with money, are those with power.

(Picture credit goes too Night Time Falls)

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