Begin Rant

Many fan boys gripe and moan. Simply it is very aggravating. I love reading the reviews of episode 1-3 compared to 4-6. I love all six of these films, why? BECAUSE THEY TELL A GREAT STORY!


Given I’m part of the generation who was more exposed to episode 1-3. I STILL LOVE 4-6. And yes I have read the entire synopsis of Star Wars from the dawn of the Force powers to the very end. Why? because I’m hungry for these things. Why? Because I wanted to know what drove Lucas to create it.

Why you should put a cork in it? For the same reasons you don’t b*^%h about movies made from books. If you haven’t learn by now then you’re an idiot. One is a book. One is a movie. They are never the same. Why did I mention those as an example? Because that is how fan boys react to the CREATORS creation if it isn’t what they wanted.

Also No Yoda was not cooler as a puppet. However I loved his humor.

Why was Jar Jar important? I’m a writer. I saw the necessity of Jar Jar. If you don’t? It’s because you DONT GET IT. The same way you can’t understand the purpose of the villain.


Even with the remastered versions, the graphics are still painful in comparison to the first 3 BUT they are beautiful for the time era that they were created in.

EPISODE 1-3 were created first but filmed second. Why? Because Lucas didn’t agree with the technology limitations. Hence why they were made afterwards.

Why you shouldn’t b*^%h about the next 6 episodes? BECAUSE YOU. ARE. NOT. THE MASTERS. OF HIS UNIVERSE!
(Even Disney won’t stop Lucas- due to his success)
Think of it this way. Lucas is blessing you by allowing you to see how the story TRULY HAPPENS.

Why do I say it like that? BECAUSE it is GOERGE LUCAS’s story. His world. His creation. He is virtually the God of The starWars universe.

My favorite quote, “within a story a writer is God.” So why…..why!….. Do you insist to tell this man how to write his story?

So it doesn’t go against what you wanted? Cry about it. It IS NOT YOUR STORY TO TELL.

I’m sorry expanded universe. You are literally just published fan stories. Which is why hell will be razed because he isn’t using the story lines in the EU for his episode. If Lucas says he wants it a different way, well guess what…. It is his way.

It’s what brings millions if not billions of people together. We all love this world that ONE MAN created. So you need to understand as a writer myself. Just cram it.

Even though he sold his rights, episode 6-12 are created by him in a over all. (Written in Detail by jj) So shut it. You know you’ll still fork out your cash to watch it. I know I will and I will love it FOR THE STORY IT WILL TELL. You are on a losing side.

End rant.

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