Of course this happens to everyone, and it usually happens for a good reason or a bad one. Thankfully I am in a mid-write crisis due to something good. My mind is racing out of control for this novel to be done so that I can share it with all of you. It is my desire to compete it by my set time so I can be excited for more material as I hope you all will be.

What’s happening to me? Well it is simple, I want to write 5 different stories at one time. (All writers get like this more times than none). All inspired by different ideas combined together to make one fun experience. Plus there are unfinished stories, sadly some are at a 70k word mark, and aren’t even halfway finished (those will be talked about at a much later date.) While working 2 jobs!

Here is the struggle my friends; it is not ever being able to experience writers block. Which in turn means my brain never turns off.

I hear often “How do you write so much of so many different things and not lose track of any of them?” I simply answer “If I knew that then I would be a saner person.”

Stay tuned for more “Keys to The Universe!”


  1. I always have Crisis half way through writing. I’ll be sitting there, thinking I should have done something completely different, which means I need to change everything, which means everything sucks.

    But then I get over it, and all is good

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