My job when it comes to a future in space travel is to add a normalized feeling to it. Normalizing it allows people to accept it and model their thoughts of space travel like traveling to another state or country. (But with the high potential for pirates and all sorts of exciting “edge of seat” disasters we all watch and enjoy!)

How can I or anyone else do this? My method is just to look at space travel as how you travel through an air port, combined with traveling at sea. I feel looking at it this way allows you to see how the two can make a future universe of space travel simple and normal. (A lot of MSF authors do this already)

My goal is simply to show you travel, it’s cost, it’s dangers, it occasional set backs and yet keep it so “typical” it becomes easier to accept.

A book series that shows good cost, profit and how space travel can be regulated is Vattas War By Elizabeth Moon! Yes there are some aspects she implemented that rub me in a bad way, but it is still a great book series.

I hope this is how others feel and it people look at it differently in all for advice!

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