So as most of you know, or if you have you will now, I work a hefty load of odd hours. Unfortunately they won’t allow me to read a book but they do allow me to listen to audio books. Hence how I have coved over 120 books since January. (I lost count after 120, safe to say I’m somewhere between 140/160)

Well I started a new one yesterday. A MSF novel called “Atlas by Isaac Hooke” and I like it. The narrators voice (I forgot his name- whoops) is dark and heavy so it adds a bit of “dangerous feel” to the story as it flows. The first 2 chapters will be a bit iffy but once you hit chapter 3 it gets interesting.

As for all of you who read heavy into science fiction, specifically MSF, keep an eye out as I’ll start recommending novels by a lot of main stream authors and dozens of indie authors.

“Atlas Written By Isaac Hooke”

GoodReads Ratings & Users Review:
Atlas – Isaac Hooke

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