Welcome back for the continuing trend of the upcoming book series, The Terran Myth.

Factions of The Terran Myth: Episode I
Faction 1.

Part 2 “What they Offer.”

(You can find part one here Tireh – Part I)

The Tireh (Tie-rea)
It often is said they “Own the Galaxy.”

As we covered in part one of this new trend, we are currently aware that the Tireh own a sophisticated and expansive network of gates. Remembering that these gates, which are gridlocked throughout the Galaxy, allow instantaneous travel between them.

When they aren’t selling you instantaneous transport they are a large purveyor of defense forces, labor work forces, and offer highly priced outsourced materials that come from different quadrants of the Galaxy.

Having such high access to capital (money), a monopoly control over travel, and access to all upper levels of society ranks them as Tier I developed Faction, the highest developed status a faction can gain. (Development Tiers can be found here Tier IV)

Their Defense Force Options:
Due to their vast Network of gates, the total unknown, the Tireh had to look for unconventional ways to supply its need for a military. Their governing body felt they needed to be able respond to threats, defend their gates and patrol any number of systems, without spreading their resource to thin.

Their answer came to this predicament by the creations of an accelerated cloning program, which would offer them countless of service personnel to meet their needs. As long as they could supply them.

They eventually had over whelming number of clone servicemen in their fleet, and vast amounts of warships with no assigned duties. So the Tireh then created another business, and it was almost mercenary in its method of operation. It also was Subjected to a lot more restrictions than a normal mercenary business. The Tireh took to supply the option of a Defense Force to parties that purchased gates from them. It became a major success.

(Tireh Defense Forces will be covered in more detail at a later date)

The Labor Force:

After crafting their military the Tireh took to offering a non-expensive labor force based off of a different cloning method they developed. They saw cloning as such a quick and easy way to creating a more developed sector of space that they never stopped. This over excessive cloning program, pumping millions of clones into creation, increased high level of “proudness” in natural born Tireh to what outsiders now consider a normal characteristic.

(Clones and their place in society will be covered at a later date)

Outsourced materials:

Simply enough, they control a galactic scale market of goods. Over priced good, but they give you access to them rather than one person needing to travel vast distances to get them. This market is limited to the Wealthy factions of the upper tiers, who are the only ones that can afford that luxury. The rest rely on the traditional trade markets or self development.

This galactic market does not limit the profit trading companies gain or that of an independent trader. Local or galactic trade is still how almost all goods are transported and purchased.

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