Welcome my fellows to a starting trend of things to come.

Factions of The Terran Myth: Episode I
Faction 1.

Part 1 “Their Purpose.”

The Tireh (Tie-rea)
It often is said they “Own the Galaxy.”

Colors often related to their faction: Red, White, Gold, and black.

Government type: Republic
Attribute: Corporation Driven
Galactic Influence: Doesn’t care
Threat level: 8.5 (1 being weak, 10 being unstoppable)

The Tireh are a very proud people and are overly confident with their “status” in known space. They own, operate, and control the largest business in the universe. They control instantaneous travel.

Through a sophisticated network of gates, the Tireh effectively connect the all human controlled territories; they virtually control trade, business dealings, and how military and political power spreads throughout the universe. Fortunately for the human race the Tireh do not waste their time with these tedious things. They care for the only thing any business owners care for, money.

For each time someone passes through a transit point, they pay a transit fee. For each gate the Tireh operates for themselves, there are 9 other gates that are payed for and used independently by a separate governing factions that own a lot of territory. Often, since there are vast amounts of not unaligned star systems, large groups of independent governing star system that can’t afford one own their own all pitch in a portion to afford one in their sector; with hopes decrease travel and increase trade.

It should be understood that Tireh personnel are the only ones trained to operate the gates functions. These separate governments just have to pay for the rights to use the gates, which in turn pays for Tireh work personnel to operate the gates and conduct any repairs that may come up. These members of the Tireh are part of a second option that is offered and it is their second greatest product; mercenaries (which will be covered in part 2). These gates operate however the paying parties chose for them to be, just as long as they Tireh get their money. The Tireh insures that their money is collected.

Coming soon, Part 2 “What they have to Offer.”

Side note: I am way too excited while writing the story to not share these things. So I have devised this as a method to make sure I don’t have any big soil alerts!

Check out Part II Here

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