I won’t lie.

My last post about the artificial intelligence was not completely a new idea. The idea had already been in the making but I just never had anything to source information from or even get a perspective to “motivate my mind.”
I make original work that I craft on my own. I do not take people’s stories. (If I did I would make a lot of them a hell of a lot better than they are now.)
Anyways the short story will be worked on on the side as well as 2 others that have been sitting in my document folder collecting virtual dust.

It will feature a 7 man command team who will be freshly minted out of Command school Space Academy based on Vallara, a averagely developed planet in their neck of the core worlds. They feel unlucky and upset that they are assigned to an old AI and old ship, who hasn’t seen a refit in 2 decades.

They are shipped out to the rim/fringe/frontier cluster of space where the naval forces there are in need of their most adaptable and quick thinking commanders for their AI assets.

Here they will meet the aging Admiral Rence L. Coopet, who hates his dwindling command over a lawless sector of space. Even though he hates his job and all the political scandals that come with being in his line of work, he maintains a profession command structure.

His force isn’t what most would call a fleet because it is scattered across a large area of space. The number of ships under his command is around 57; ranging from a handful of capital ships to large cruisers as patrol vessels. Majority are patrol vessels. These patrol vessels are meant to operate independently to maintain order and keep the peace. Using all means at third disposal. (A usual friendly AI control assault force and special ops force. – Yeah I like the sound of that!)

Our team rendezvous with the older departing crew and are insured that their job will be more exciting than anything back in the core sectors.
Their first mission? To find out the cause of a vast network of Corruption that is leading to mass murders, unsettling crimes against innocents and setting a frontier planet on the verge of anarchy. Can they solve it in time!!!? I don’t know, I’m not writing it but someone I know will be doing a ghost write for me. If it’s good I’ll publish it, which he will be given due credit. If it is writing like the plot I created or better than I’ll send him back to the drawing board or I’ll just write. Sooo what’s next?

Stay tuned! And you’ll see.


    1. Thanks, I have always dabbed in it. Im going full force on a getting a few novels out there. I have 3 (in progress novels) that aren’t science fiction. Due to SF motivation from all the novels I have read, those are on pause. I just go with the flow of my motovation. (Wish there were more of me to write them all.)

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