Yes. Yes. Yes. I have some how managed to make it one step before the halfway point. What does that mean? It means I’m thriving.

Just so you know; I hate boring detail! So when I get to chapters where I have to put details so you don’t get lost, just remember it pains me as much as it pains you. I wish there was just a easy way to have A GIF demo playing to show a scene then you start reading. Or better yet I wish I was a master of graphic design to make a real cgi type show. It would make life so much more enjoyable. However this is not that case with my current talents.

The main character has yet to be named!? Yes he has a name. No I honestly can’t keep it like it is. Why? because it sounds way to much like another character a lot of people will be familiar with.


The first chapter is the catcher….

That was a great spoil alert! (Sarcasm)


My mastering editors are painfully making their way through the first few chapters, but they love the story. So that is a plus.

(Besides the brick one threw at me) (Sarcasm)

More to follow my followers!

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