The Keys to the Universe “The Tireh – Part 2”

Welcome back for the continuing trend of the upcoming book series, The Terran Myth.

Factions of The Terran Myth: Episode I
Faction 1.

Part 2 “What they Offer.”

(You can find part one here Tireh – Part I)

The Tireh (Tie-rea)
It often is said they “Own the Galaxy.”

As we covered in part one of this new trend, we are currently aware that the Tireh own a sophisticated and expansive network of gates. Remembering that these gates, which are gridlocked throughout the Galaxy, allow instantaneous travel between them.

When they aren’t selling you instantaneous transport they are a large purveyor of defense forces, labor work forces, and offer highly priced outsourced materials that come from different quadrants of the Galaxy.

Having such high access to capital (money), a monopoly control over travel, and access to all upper levels of society ranks them as Tier I developed Faction, the highest developed status a faction can gain. (Development Tiers can be found here Tier IV)

Their Defense Force Options:
Due to their vast Network of gates, the total unknown, the Tireh had to look for unconventional ways to supply its need for a military. Their governing body felt they needed to be able respond to threats, defend their gates and patrol any number of systems, without spreading their resource to thin.

Their answer came to this predicament by the creations of an accelerated cloning program, which would offer them countless of service personnel to meet their needs. As long as they could supply them.

They eventually had over whelming number of clone servicemen in their fleet, and vast amounts of warships with no assigned duties. So the Tireh then created another business, and it was almost mercenary in its method of operation. It also was Subjected to a lot more restrictions than a normal mercenary business. The Tireh took to supply the option of a Defense Force to parties that purchased gates from them. It became a major success.

(Tireh Defense Forces will be covered in more detail at a later date)

The Labor Force:

After crafting their military the Tireh took to offering a non-expensive labor force based off of a different cloning method they developed. They saw cloning as such a quick and easy way to creating a more developed sector of space that they never stopped. This over excessive cloning program, pumping millions of clones into creation, increased high level of “proudness” in natural born Tireh to what outsiders now consider a normal characteristic.

(Clones and their place in society will be covered at a later date)

Outsourced materials:

Simply enough, they control a galactic scale market of goods. Over priced good, but they give you access to them rather than one person needing to travel vast distances to get them. This market is limited to the Wealthy factions of the upper tiers, who are the only ones that can afford that luxury. The rest rely on the traditional trade markets or self development.

This galactic market does not limit the profit trading companies gain or that of an independent trader. Local or galactic trade is still how almost all goods are transported and purchased.

The Auxiliary Reboot (TBA)

Initially the Auxiliary story was inspired by a video game and was based in medieval style era. When I was playing it at that time I had an idea for a few shorts (which are on my blog for free reading here – Aux Part I.)

Due to the prolonged nature of that story I am going to reboot it with some science fiction flare! (Because I lost the original outlines- whoops!)

The Auxiliary will be a few fun shorts about an high society individual who becomes conscripted off his home planet (because the imperials think that residents on annexed planets, are all equal status with everyone else on that planet, conquered beggars) and placed into an Imperial Expeditionary Force. He will go through the hardships of being “the scum” of the imperial army; frequently placed in hopeless situations and discovering what it’s like to go from a model citizen to a combat veteran returning home to a planet of people who will never understand him.

StarWars Episode 7! NerdFact

NerdFact: No the cross bar will not protect the wielder from a another light saber sliding down into their hand (unless they were to tilt it in time) because the opposing light saber will slice through that extended hilt, protruding at the interception, where it is unprotected.

(If used expertly then it’s added protection and a extension to the weapon. So knowing anyone using a light saber it will be put to good use. Can’t wait!)

If you haven’t seen this awesome trailer then check it out here! (I love vague movie trailers because a lot of trailers ruin movies for me)

StarWars Episode 7: The Force Awakens

Photo source Credit (Legion Of Potatoes, at Tumblr)

Happy Turkey Day!

Yes I almost forgot to publish this post! I am lucky to enjoy a nice thanksgiving dinner with the family and be enchanted by my beautiful lady at the end of the day.

Hope everyone else is feeling blessed and having/have had a happy thanksgiving! If not then remember there are many more days to come.

Post to you in a few days!


Elements of Military Science Fiction

I recently stumbled across another blog that I really enjoyed

“Broken Elements of Military Sci-Fi.”

Here’s the direct link:

I do believe that William covered 8 different elements. Correct me if I’m wrong. But here’s a very brief version of his elements with my opinions.

1. Lack of Combined Arms:


Which is true enough. I have noticed in the 138 books (and counting) that I have covered since early January; reveals a strong lack of multiple functioning military units supporting each other; ie air support, direct & indirect artillery, and lack of troop support weapons.

Now there are a few novels I cannot shame because sometimes their “reality” doesn’t require it.

2. Realism:


The nitty gritty, as we sometimes call it. This is where we really experience the true loss of innocences, hardship, and PTSD of internal conflicts.

As William explains it is where the true nature is revealed and these stories lack it wholeheartedly. I can agree that MSF shows a very sanitized version. He lists examples of modern day movies to look at for examples. Mine would be We were soldiers, Fury, Band of Brothers, or Enemy At the Gates.

3. Other POVs:


Other point of views is something I think a lot of people avoid for a few reasons.
One – because they have no experience in that field and avoid it because they may “put it to the blender” and insult someone else’s job/duty.
Two – they aren’t inspired enough for a plot line regarding anything other than something involved with the action .Or Three – there often isn’t a large enough audience that would want to follow something that didn’t snag their interest. (Which doesn’t mean it isn’t possible, I believe it is).

One of my short stories actually followed a “support team” that had to drop supplies in for troops that were in extremely dangerous war zones. It was called “The Fierce.” But again it had a lot of action for them being “technically” noncombatives.

4. Overall War strategy:


This all I can simply say is that it is covered in a lot of books. The Lost fleet series is good for how the over all strategy hasn’t changed but the way they went about it deteriorated over time.

5. Battlefield Intelligence:


Recently Im a little biased in the category because it is sufficient in a lot of the books I have read. Each book usually talks about how bad military intelligence is. Which to the foot soldier is it commonly thought to be true. Also a book that hits home on military intelligence gathering, before the group goes into action, is Empire Corps series. I love the realistic approach Christopher Nuttal takes in his pre-ops.

6. The dictation of female Characters:


This is where I can’t agree with William.

Yes women are portrayed as Amazonian heroines but that’s because one day (thinking of far in the future) they may very well be come just that. Currently women have been opened up to all combat roles in the military and currently aren’t fairing so well only because women haven’t been exposed to that life as generations of men. I know that their are females serving in Israel Defense Force who are more BA than my fellows of my current unit, and my fellows would agree with me.

7. Lack of Far-Future Military Sci-Fi.

I’m indifferent to this element.

8. Too Many Super Soldiers.


I’m looking forward to this novel is bragged about.

The keys to the Universe “The Tireh – Part 1”

Welcome my fellows to a starting trend of things to come.

Factions of The Terran Myth: Episode I
Faction 1.

Part 1 “Their Purpose.”

The Tireh (Tie-rea)
It often is said they “Own the Galaxy.”

Colors often related to their faction: Red, White, Gold, and black.

Government type: Republic
Attribute: Corporation Driven
Galactic Influence: Doesn’t care
Threat level: 8.5 (1 being weak, 10 being unstoppable)

The Tireh are a very proud people and are overly confident with their “status” in known space. They own, operate, and control the largest business in the universe. They control instantaneous travel.

Through a sophisticated network of gates, the Tireh effectively connect the all human controlled territories; they virtually control trade, business dealings, and how military and political power spreads throughout the universe. Fortunately for the human race the Tireh do not waste their time with these tedious things. They care for the only thing any business owners care for, money.

For each time someone passes through a transit point, they pay a transit fee. For each gate the Tireh operates for themselves, there are 9 other gates that are payed for and used independently by a separate governing factions that own a lot of territory. Often, since there are vast amounts of not unaligned star systems, large groups of independent governing star system that can’t afford one own their own all pitch in a portion to afford one in their sector; with hopes decrease travel and increase trade.

It should be understood that Tireh personnel are the only ones trained to operate the gates functions. These separate governments just have to pay for the rights to use the gates, which in turn pays for Tireh work personnel to operate the gates and conduct any repairs that may come up. These members of the Tireh are part of a second option that is offered and it is their second greatest product; mercenaries (which will be covered in part 2). These gates operate however the paying parties chose for them to be, just as long as they Tireh get their money. The Tireh insures that their money is collected.

Coming soon, Part 2 “What they have to Offer.”

Side note: I am way too excited while writing the story to not share these things. So I have devised this as a method to make sure I don’t have any big soil alerts!

Check out Part II Here

New short story to come “Rogue Intelligence.”

I won’t lie.

My last post about the artificial intelligence was not completely a new idea. The idea had already been in the making but I just never had anything to source information from or even get a perspective to “motivate my mind.”
I make original work that I craft on my own. I do not take people’s stories. (If I did I would make a lot of them a hell of a lot better than they are now.)
Anyways the short story will be worked on on the side as well as 2 others that have been sitting in my document folder collecting virtual dust.

It will feature a 7 man command team who will be freshly minted out of Command school Space Academy based on Vallara, a averagely developed planet in their neck of the core worlds. They feel unlucky and upset that they are assigned to an old AI and old ship, who hasn’t seen a refit in 2 decades.

They are shipped out to the rim/fringe/frontier cluster of space where the naval forces there are in need of their most adaptable and quick thinking commanders for their AI assets.

Here they will meet the aging Admiral Rence L. Coopet, who hates his dwindling command over a lawless sector of space. Even though he hates his job and all the political scandals that come with being in his line of work, he maintains a profession command structure.

His force isn’t what most would call a fleet because it is scattered across a large area of space. The number of ships under his command is around 57; ranging from a handful of capital ships to large cruisers as patrol vessels. Majority are patrol vessels. These patrol vessels are meant to operate independently to maintain order and keep the peace. Using all means at third disposal. (A usual friendly AI control assault force and special ops force. – Yeah I like the sound of that!)

Our team rendezvous with the older departing crew and are insured that their job will be more exciting than anything back in the core sectors.
Their first mission? To find out the cause of a vast network of Corruption that is leading to mass murders, unsettling crimes against innocents and setting a frontier planet on the verge of anarchy. Can they solve it in time!!!? I don’t know, I’m not writing it but someone I know will be doing a ghost write for me. If it’s good I’ll publish it, which he will be given due credit. If it is writing like the plot I created or better than I’ll send him back to the drawing board or I’ll just write. Sooo what’s next?

Stay tuned! And you’ll see.

Future use of AI in the military idea!

I embarked on a new audiobook, because what little my job requires of me could cause me to go mad from the overdose of boredom that ensues from it.

I just want to toss out an idea for a possible novel, given when I’m done with the audio book series I’ll revisit and retract this incase I preemptively stole her idea.

Inspired by Ancillary justice by Anne Leckie narrated by Celeste Ciulla

Envision here with me for just the moment. A far off future for all of us, [see there is a theme to all my stories] (sarcasm) and how the human race will handle space travel and the growing sophistication of artificial intelligence as well as many other technologies.

My brief vision is that our more advance militaries will no longer bulk up with millions of ground soldiers. Yes humans are a prime force behind a military, but what about battalions of foot soldiers, support, supply functions that could all be operated automatically by a individual AI. No, I’m not saying one AI controls the whole military, but a bunch of AI performing their assigned duties. This could go beyond a military aspect as well. As in one human, or a squad operate in the command positions over a company of AI, another for the battalion level of operation and so on an so forth.

What I dreamt up on my brief ride home, is this. Graduating from “command school,” will be our future team of commanders. Each new team of commanders will be assigned to a new AI or to older an AI. There are different types of AI ranging from supply, logistics, intelligence gathering, military, police, etc. The commanders are assigned based on how they performed in this school. The team that we will be following gets assigned to the oldest AI in the books, who most think should be scrap due to the possible mythical fears of it becoming self aware (thinking for its self without orders). At first all they are told is that They assigned for a military assignment. They are shocked to realize it’s old age. They weren’t exited when they were shipped out to relieve the current and old aged commanders, who tell them they’ll love their job, and assume their position. Meanwhile they honestly believe they’ll hate it.

This is a patrol vessel, (they are large/older vessels that keep a constant presence in their large sectors of space, meant to operate independently and undergo long tours). This position Will teach them how to be an effective team to handle unpredictable situations; pirates, police/military actions, and even space born operations. They’ll grow together while their “old man” AI will be vetting/ training them to be better commanders using his vast array of knowledge/wisdom he has gathered over his hundred/maybe thousand year existence. They of course develop a friendship for this AI who is interactive with them on human emotional levels, becoming a farther like teacher.

The secret is they’ll soon discover is that this AI is already self aware but is wise beyond years and doesn’t like to draw attention to himself. So he complies like normal, or as he calls them “the regulars.”

Remember this is just a ten minute idea. What do you think?

Almost halfway there!

Yes. Yes. Yes. I have some how managed to make it one step before the halfway point. What does that mean? It means I’m thriving.

Just so you know; I hate boring detail! So when I get to chapters where I have to put details so you don’t get lost, just remember it pains me as much as it pains you. I wish there was just a easy way to have A GIF demo playing to show a scene then you start reading. Or better yet I wish I was a master of graphic design to make a real cgi type show. It would make life so much more enjoyable. However this is not that case with my current talents.

The main character has yet to be named!? Yes he has a name. No I honestly can’t keep it like it is. Why? because it sounds way to much like another character a lot of people will be familiar with.


The first chapter is the catcher….

That was a great spoil alert! (Sarcasm)


My mastering editors are painfully making their way through the first few chapters, but they love the story. So that is a plus.

(Besides the brick one threw at me) (Sarcasm)

More to follow my followers!

Sci Fi thoughts

So, I have been doing a lot of basic intros into our galaxy. Not just the aspects of how science fiction is incorporated but how you can make believable fiction from facts. Soon, and I mean very soon, you will take part of a combined universe (if you care too). I began with taking the realities of politics, governments, and the drastic seperation of advancement of civilizations and how they control power.
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