Currently a driving force in my life has pushed me, pressed me, and and finally motivated me beyond reason. Settling in and writing until my hand goes numb… I mean that literally; my hand really does hurt. While I am taking on the task to bring a lot of you into this world I am creating I will also maintain my short stories for your enjoyment. Being shorter, they are easier to write and edit.

Just an update;
Yes I know I forgot the “House Of Omega,” and that’s partially due to the dive I took into my story I wish to publish. I will have it up before I go to sleep. It’s safe to say, The Omega Family is in trouble.

Erium, our deceptive Viking raider who washed up on the coast, has began disappearing at nights when the village goes to sleep at night. Unfortunately for the poor nosey soul someone has noticed; and they have been disappearing at night to spy on him.

Rise, is a criminal rise of a modern day gang who use their specialized training from being prior military to skin the fat (the gangs/thugs/dealers) of their home town. They eventually create a gang of their own; to root out the others. They teeter on the edge between darkness and the light. Their journey will be dangerous but their destination is yet to be known.

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