The Old Force Commander stood before the soon to be new freshly minted operators of the Old Force. He starred down at the small group eyeing them firmly. “Repeat after me,” The OFC said unemotionally. The new operators showed no emotion in return. As he said the following, and a cold echo repeated his words.

“From the shadows we operate, for the galaxy we protect.
We stand amongst you, with a faceless silhouette.
The things we are, are for things best left unknown.
We are the guardians of the night and the protectors of all homes.”

After a brief moment of silence and motionless statues of the new operators, the OFC’s deep voice broke through the still air. “Carry out the tasks assigned to you. Dismissed.”
The unceremonial event came to a conclusion and the still emotionless Old Force Operators dispersed from the room.


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