Members of Old Force (OF) are highly trained operatives that function in the everyday routine of “the normal soldier.” Once a Operator is selected into the Old Force they undergo a vigorous and life threatening genetic enhancement. Some do not survive. They are interfused with a liquid nanotechology that coats their skeletal system intensifying the characteristics of the human body. They become faster, smarter, and undoubtedly stronger.
Years of training allow them to grasp these new capabilities that make them the nearest mankind can come to a superman.
Each of the operators are trained to operate as lone entities to enact the ruthless effectiveness of a entire combat force. However they are trained to operate as units if (only in extremes cases, which is never) it is ever require.
Biologically integrated with Internal Heads Up Display (iHUDs) that allows them to wirelessly connect, hack, and over ride all known systems in use.
Operators are efficient, ruthless, and care only for the orders of the Old Force Commanders (OFC), men/women who are held to a legendary standard.
However each operator seeks to preserve the stability of the MWF. They believe in this without a doubt and understand that preserving the MWF means there is often no difference in friend nor foe and there is sometimes no limit to the collateral that is required.

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