Book one: Plot complete. (Working Title)

Due to a back-and-forth battle between me and the System. I have been forced to resort to completing the entire structure for my first novel instead of actually being able to write it out like I usually want too. (This is how me, as the author, can be surprised by a story’s turn out as it’s written) So after about three hours of just making a plotline I am satisfied to say and it is COMPLETELY awesome. Yes, even though it is science-fiction genre it is actually looking into something like a spy/covert operations with the SF added too it. Do not fear my future fans(yes you will be converted into my followers- kidding…. Slightly), it will develop into more of what is craved by readers for suspense, actions, paths of betrayal and all out war. (The last two are my favorite)

The Terran Myth

Currently a driving force in my life has pushed me, pressed me, and and finally motivated me beyond reason. Settling in and writing until my hand goes numb… I mean that literally; my hand really does hurt. While I am taking on the task to bring a lot of you into this world I am creating I will also maintain my short stories for your enjoyment. Being shorter, they are easier to write and edit.

Just an update;
Yes I know I forgot the “House Of Omega,” and that’s partially due to the dive I took into my story I wish to publish. I will have it up before I go to sleep. It’s safe to say, The Omega Family is in trouble.

Erium, our deceptive Viking raider who washed up on the coast, has began disappearing at nights when the village goes to sleep at night. Unfortunately for the poor nosey soul someone has noticed; and they have been disappearing at night to spy on him.

Rise, is a criminal rise of a modern day gang who use their specialized training from being prior military to skin the fat (the gangs/thugs/dealers) of their home town. They eventually create a gang of their own; to root out the others. They teeter on the edge between darkness and the light. Their journey will be dangerous but their destination is yet to be known.

Future Pub Date

After a fascinating turn of events I have been deeply motivated to peruse an immediate experience into self publishing. It’s all a matter of “testing the waters” throughout the next year to see how the novel(s) perform while I’m in school. First publication is slated for Thanksgiving but could see possible push back if necessary. Stay tuned as always!

House Of Omega Update

Due to a recent motivation to continue with this story I’m excited to say the first chapter of this story will be shared by the end of the week.

To remind you.
The egotistical powerful House of Omega as survived the corporate onslaught and once again secured its position as a power house in the business world. However they were deceived. Over night the entire immediate family to the House of Omega is attacked on their first night of celebration. 3 of the 4 brothers barely survived an attempted assassination on their lives. Heads of the family are murdered along with their sisters.
Drake, along with his brothers seek out their family whereabouts. Along the way they discovered their folly and how systematically their family was attacked without any warning.
Left on their own, their family in ruined, and all their power stripped from them; the remaining omega family is set on a path that will bring them back to their roots. Their origins-they once believe was just legend turn out being very real.

The Everyday Soldier (OF)

Part of their longest aspect of training is discipline; through tolerance, ignorance or any other conflicting factors that would agitate the everyday soldier.
The more elite sections of the military cannot stand the idea of being detached/attached with lazier groups of soldiers for lacking appropriate amounts of discipline.
The Old Force Operators are trained to integrate with whom they’ll be tactfully inserted into; therefor their superior levels of training and sophisticated technologies allow them too remain immune about the deficiencies of the everyday soldier. Through months of training they are taught the ways for the position in which they will migrate into. Many would consider it a more in-depth acting class, but the OFO must go through the phases of training that mirror the everyday soldier. To capture a vague feel of what the everyday soldier went through.

You only know the Old Force exist, when they want you too.

Old Force Operators

Members of Old Force (OF) are highly trained operatives that function in the everyday routine of “the normal soldier.” Once a Operator is selected into the Old Force they undergo a vigorous and life threatening genetic enhancement. Some do not survive. They are interfused with a liquid nanotechology that coats their skeletal system intensifying the characteristics of the human body. They become faster, smarter, and undoubtedly stronger.
Years of training allow them to grasp these new capabilities that make them the nearest mankind can come to a superman.
Each of the operators are trained to operate as lone entities to enact the ruthless effectiveness of a entire combat force. However they are trained to operate as units if (only in extremes cases, which is never) it is ever require.
Biologically integrated with Internal Heads Up Display (iHUDs) that allows them to wirelessly connect, hack, and over ride all known systems in use.
Operators are efficient, ruthless, and care only for the orders of the Old Force Commanders (OFC), men/women who are held to a legendary standard.
However each operator seeks to preserve the stability of the MWF. They believe in this without a doubt and understand that preserving the MWF means there is often no difference in friend nor foe and there is sometimes no limit to the collateral that is required.

What’s to Come!

Cheveyo is part of a highly developed covert organization that operates through the ruse of false Identities. These operators are imbedded within units across the controlled sectors of MilkyWay Forces (MWF), the governing faction that was created after the Soul System Conflict.
The Old Force, as they call themselves, operates disguised in the shadows to preserve and protect the MWF from enemies; exteriorly and interiorly. They are form from the ashes of the Sol system conflict; existing now and forever to prevent any further destabilizing attempts which was experience in the Sol system. With no government to answer too and only one goal, everyone is safe but at the same time, no one is.

The Old Force Creed

The Old Force Commander stood before the soon to be new freshly minted operators of the Old Force. He starred down at the small group eyeing them firmly. “Repeat after me,” The OFC said unemotionally. The new operators showed no emotion in return. As he said the following, and a cold echo repeated his words.

“From the shadows we operate, for the galaxy we protect.
We stand amongst you, with a faceless silhouette.
The things we are, are for things best left unknown.
We are the guardians of the night and the protectors of all homes.”

After a brief moment of silence and motionless statues of the new operators, the OFC’s deep voice broke through the still air. “Carry out the tasks assigned to you. Dismissed.”
The unceremonial event came to a conclusion and the still emotionless Old Force Operators dispersed from the room.