Outline Complete!

We can all release that breath we have been holding or just let out a little sigh of relief; for now there is one less task for anyone to be concerned about. I finally completed the outline for one of my SiFi adventures! This one I hope will see the paper of a novel. The other SiFi adventure, a mini episodic series, which is underway as well (all this is done in my scarce free time between 2 jobs and school). You’ll get a taste of the action to be expected from both!

A side Note for the day: Curse of Autocorrect

The curse of auto correct is real and the errors is causes are endless. Do not fall frail to this disease that infest our iPhones and….. those other phones because where there is one mistake, there is about 9678 more mistakes to replace that one. Be vigilant my friends the pain eventually ends. The embarrassment of telling someone something other than being hungry will fade with the shame you brought on yourself in sending or posting that message. Everything will get betters better in time.

The New movement!

Yes this blog collects more cobwebs than abandoned buildings in Detroit, but this is about to change. I hope. It seems every time I get on a steady posting stream something alters in my life and I must adjust to it. This does not mean I have given up on my creative nature of writing. In fact I actually have accomplished a few more pieces of works to share soon enough but I want to release some pieces or episodes like I did prior to Bring back my activity!

Stay tuned folks!