It’s has begun! Join me!

So over a series of the past few months I have done the impossible for someone who works as many ours as I have. I have crunched out 5 different syfy series for military fiction. That’s a total is 27 books almost and I’m not even done.

Lately I have been on a mission to read up and attempt to capture the Essenes of military fiction, since as you see, I do enjoy a bit of military and/action in my cereal in the mornings!

So as I have gone along I have consulted a few authors of the series through email and talked to a book publisher for advice in this category. The end result; I have two options for success, create an exciting short episodic adventure with an over all theme (this is how long series develop) or create a aspect of the galaxy or universe to where your taking the reader on this new adventure with you.

My end result; I have created both. A mini series of which I would always call epic in proportions. Then a new adventure that not even I know where we would turn up! So as alway I’ll attempt to keep this updated!